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Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by KC8GTR, Nov 13, 2019.

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  1. KC8GTR

    KC8GTR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello ,
    Has anybody done business with TE Systems in the past year ?
    Curious to know if anybody bought a high power UHF amp from this place recently .
    I returned my defective 4452g amp months ago and David Anderson still has not refunded my money...$993 .
    Still waiting for more than 9 months .
    I pretty much assume this place just ripped me off .
    Upon arrival via U.S.P.S. is when I discovered the " supposedly " brand new , freshly built and assembled amplifier has been dropped and bent over the threaded power studs and rear metal panel I immediately contacted David Anderson at TE Systems about this defective amp .
    He ...GASP !....acknowledges he knew the amp was dropped and damaged and determined it was something I could fix !!!
    Never occurred to David Anderson to think I am physically disabled and absolutely no means to fix a " supposedly " brand new , freshly built and assembled $ 1,000 amplifier using tools and such .
    Wants me to try bending back bolt and straighten out bent metal panel .
    $1,000 amp and you want me , a disabled person to fix what you broke ???
    David Anderson also confessed he never checked the $1,000 amp after dropping it to make sure it still worked , nothing shorted out , no fire hazard , no explosion hazard ect....
    I demanded to either replace this damaged amp or refund my money .
    David Anderson agrees to refund my money .
    Turns out that was just another lie .
    When David Anderson realized I was serious about returning this dropped and damaged amp he changed his mind.
    That's when I had to start playing the game of trying to get my money back .
    Going on a year and still no refund money .
    Contacted the [L.A. office ] BBB and he ignored them , twice !
    Contacted the California AG office and he ignored them too , twice .
    Contacted the FTC , ignored them too .
    Contacted the FCC , not their problem .
    I contacted just about everybody I could think of trying to get my money back .
    I complained to the Michigan AG office and was REALLY SHOCKED when I got their reply from TE Systems .
    His excuse to Michigan AG office... David Anderson had determined I am not entitled to a refund because I am too old and have medical / mental issues .
    Went on to write.... due to my " supposedly " debilitating medical / mental issues and old age , I am not entitled to any of their products at all therefore not entitled to a refund either .
    David Anderson is older than I , that is a fact .
    I have emails to back up everything stated here , nothing is exaggerated .
    I have pictures to show what the damage is and the messed up , un-matched transistors inside .
    So anybody out there recently purchased a high power UHF amp from TE Systems ?
    Look at the serial number and tell me if he sold you my DEFECTIVE , DAMAGED amp to you .
    Check to see if TE Systems have sold YOUR returned amp to me .
    Might have changed the sticker but can not change the insides , I took pictures of the hodgepodge group of un-matched transistors and the bent up garbage he is pushing on me .
    The output transistors at these UHF frequencies got be matched or as close as possible to get maximum gain versus efficiency .
    Looks like this was a RETURNED amp for repair and never sent it back .
    Possibly stole it from the previous owner to sell again and again and again ...
    Fearing of being " stuck " with a bad amp....David Anderson sold it to me hoping I will not notice that it was assembled using decades old , un-matched Motorola transistors .
    Motorola stopped making these transistors more than 20 years ago .
    How can this amp possibly be " brand " new and the latest and greatest when built using decades old parts ???
    Right now I have NOTHING , David Anderson of TE Systems has both my money and the pre-damaged amp .
    Sure wish somebody warned me that this place steals and lies and sells used , refurbished $ 1,000 garbage disguised as " new " .
    What a complete waste of money and my time trying to get my $1,000 back . BentPanelPicuresWithNotes.jpg YupDroppedIt.jpg
  2. KB7WG

    KB7WG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did you use a credit card? Call credit card company.
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  3. KC8GTR

    KC8GTR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello ,
    thanks for the reply .
    I do not and I will never own and /or use a credit card .
    Debt free lifestyle is the way to go .
    Do not fiddle with PayPal or any of that other funny money scams and schemes .
    Got ripped off $1,000 is bad enough , how do you recover from getting ripped off from credit and ID thieves ???
    Please , offer advice I can really use .
    So far only solution is to rent a wheelchair capable van , drive 2,400 mile to LA , pay an anormous small claims court fee to just to file the claim , wait a year for case to come up , drive back to LA and have judge play his part , awards me my money , drive home , then drive back to LA to file another complaint for lack of payment asking for garnishment and the BS goes on and on and on and on......
    Every e-commerce / e-tailers knows about this and some will take advantage of this loop hole and rip off people .
    Now I know .
  4. KB7WG

    KB7WG Ham Member QRZ Page

    One doesn't use a credit card because one doesn't have cash. You need to get a couple. A credit card gives you buyer protection. Especially long distant purchases and always mention that you are disabled when having a problem.

    Many card policies now include the option of being satisfied with your purchase. For any reason, no questions asked. When you buy with credit, you can always get a refund.

    It's a lot cheaper for vender company to satisfy you, than the credit card company. They will apply pressure.

    If the vender goes out of business, tell credit card company that the real reason for not refunding, is because you are disabled......and might make an official complaint.

    You really have to agree, to be ripped off now days. We have thousands of bureaucrats that are waiting for those complaints. They dream of such.
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  5. WB4IVF

    WB4IVF Ham Member QRZ Page

    You said: “I demanded to either replace this damaged amp or refund my money.”

    In his reply, David Anderson said “The fix is: If necessary send it here and we can do it. Or it’s a simple fix you can do there….”.

    I understand your frustration in buying an expensive product, and receiving it in a damaged condition before even having had a chance to use it. I’d ask for and expect a new replacement or refund too. But seeing that they refuse to step up and do either 9 months later, I’d accept a repair rather than lose $1K.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  6. KB2SUJ

    KB2SUJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah.... I use a credit card all the time. Pay in full every month, I also get 5% back on all purchases. Win-win. I've had product issues where the seller did not perform to my liking, the credit card company reimbursed me every time. a few phone calls. Once I had to write a letter for a transaction that was over $1,000. Most cases of identity theft are because the person freely gave out information.
    If the package arrived damaged, the correct thing to do is photograph the package before opening. Contact USPS. Contact the vendor. If the vendor gives a home brew fix, get it in writing that if anything breaks while you try his repair, he will take responsibility.
    Honestly, while I agree, you buy something new, you expect it to be perfect, in some instances, it is so much simpler to repair. Straitening that bit of sheet metal is easy-peasy. My only concern would be if the solder joints were weak or if a trace lifted. It is not going to explode.......
    TE systems should of offered to send you a pre-paid shipping label. They should pack it better. It is not a grand criminal conspiracy. It is life with all its' bumps and bruises.
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  7. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Noting the OP has spammed the board by cross-posting in multiple forums, I will copy my comments from the thread in the Amplifiers Forum.

    1. Shipping companies i.e. USPS, are responsible for shipping damage, not the shipper.
    2. Reject packages that are obviously damaged if you don't want to get involved in a claims process against the shipping company. If you accept the damaged package, you accept a much higher burden of proof for damages. Again, the shipper, i.e. TESystems is NOT responsible for shipping damage.
    3. No evidence the amp is "Defective".
    4. Damage is minor and easily mended. No reason to think it represents an "explosion" hazard. Huh?
    5. If you are not capable of repairing this minor ding, how are you able to move it around the shack; install coax; install and connect antennas? Do you not have family, friends that are assisting you?
    6. Your claims that amp is improperly designed, using defective components, previously used, previously damaged and fraudulently sold as new appear to have no basis in fact.

    7. I don't believe the seller has a responsibility to accept returned equipment with shipping damage and provide another new device or cash refund. Your claim is with USPS.

    You have escalated this entire transaction to such an extreme level of hostility to TESystems that is not a surprise they have little goodwill remaining.

    I suggest that the most reasonable resolution is to ask TES to adjust the bent faceplate as able, and send the amplifier to you. Good luck. b.

    p.s. Yes it was inappropriate for TES to mention your age or mental faculties. However that has no bearing on the business transaction.
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  8. WB4IVF

    WB4IVF Ham Member QRZ Page

    BTW, I thought QRZ had a policy against posting emails without the originator's permission. I guess the policy has changed or did TE Systems give their permission?
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  9. VE6MB

    VE6MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    While I cannot comment specifically on this particular issue that has been shared by KC8GTR...... I can share my experience(s):

    I made a purchase of a 1452G amplifier earlier in the year and it was a totally successful purchase; item worked as expected (within spec). Works perfectly, and very happy with it (still am happy with it).

    I made a purchase of a 0552G amplifier during the summer and the very first thing I did with it was test it to note the input vs. output power curves. (I was VERY careful not to exceed input power knowing that TE units have no input protection). I thought the unit was a little low on output (300W [@14.2VDC, 25W input] vs. 375W advertised) and brought my concerns to TE and explained to them my careful testing conditions. Almost immediately, the "problem" was blamed on my transceiver (IC-7300) ; and I was told that the radio has an ALC overshoot issue which has damaged one of the PA's onboard. They wanted me to ship it back (my expense) and pay for it's "repair". They say that someone at HRO "confirmed" that IC-7300 has demonstrated ALC overshoot issue. ICOM says differently....ICOM says no documented overshoot problem. (I also used my IC-7300 very successfully with other 6m amplifier without issue).

    Another ham up here in VE6-land also had an issue earlier in the year with an amplifier newly purchased from TE systems......the product was purchased and immediately had a problem and did not perform quite as expected (unusual for a "brand new" product) and their concerns were met immediately with a "blame-game" mentality....again was being called an ALC overshoot issue with a transceiver that damaged the product. (In this particular case, the transceiver was a Yaesu FT-736R and was incapable of exceeding the maximum input level of the amplifier).

    Therefore, I guess I would say that YMMV; and will depend on whether you receive a fully working product at purchase time.
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  10. KC8GTR

    KC8GTR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello ,
    Im new to this posting stuff on forums .
    Takes me awhile to type just his little bit .
    Anyways , also ignorant of not making multiple identical postings .
    Seems easier for me to copy and paste than to struggle with this keyboard .
    Eyes are not what they used to be .
    I just hope nobody gets stuck with my messed amp since there is no way to know what you bought / thought new is NOT somebody else's return .
    Seems like the most popular used TE Systems amps for sale is the 432 Mhz version / model .
    Wonder why ?
    I thought I was doing the right thing steering clear of possible problems by purchasing " brand new " only to get myself scammed by the very same place that manufactures the amplifiers .
    What did I do wrong ??
    Announce I am disabled and wide open game to be ripped off ??
    Announce I do not want to be scammed by (i.e.credit card banks) and only use cash or equivalent ?
    Seriously , what did I do wrong ?
    If I can't trust purchasing from an AMERICAN business , than who can I trust ?
    And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us .
    Think about that TE Systems .
    W.L.Scott / KC8GTR
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