Tarheel or Little Tarheel II

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio' started by WD0CCC, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. WD0CCC

    WD0CCC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am looking into a Tarheel antenna for mobile operating. I like the size of the Little Tarheel II and that I could also use on the back of my Honda Accord when I am not travelling in a Suburban. Is there a huge advantage to me going with a full-sized Tarheel or is the Little Tarheel sufficient? Should I put a mast below a Little Tarheel on my Suburban to get the whip above the roof? I have a homemade grounded receiver hitch mount on the Suburban ... maybe go with a magnetic mount with the Little Tarheel on the car with a ground strap. Rig is a Kenwood 480SAT.
  2. KK4PLD

    KK4PLD Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. KJ5T

    KJ5T Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have no experience with the larger Tarheel antennas. I had the Tarheel II on my car for some time and really liked it. In fact my Sunday project today is going to be to install it on my Mazda CX-5, after a year of no antenna on the new car I decided to bite the bullet and do some drilling. You should ask yourself if you really do plan to use the antenna on the car, if not you could easily mount the bigger antenna on the Suburban and you would probably have a bit better experience if all is properly installed and proper grounding is put in place.
  4. M0GVZ

    M0GVZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've a lot of experience of the Little Tarheel II. If you sacrifice 6m and replace the stock whip with a 72" one then it performs a whole lot better. It is excellent for 20-10m, OK on 40m but not that good on 80m. If 40/80 is the most important to you you want to look at a full sized Tarheel.

    Do not go with a magmount (you'll need at least a triple magmount). I did when I started. It seemed to be OK on 20-10m but on 40m I got RFI and on 80m if I tried to key up with more than 50W my TS480 would reset itself. A ground strap to the magmount will not help this.

    Fixed is the best followed by a lip mount. If you don't want to put a hole in the roof mount it via fixed mount on the trunk of the Accord. When you want to sell the car just change the trunk lid for one from a breakers yard if you don't want to leave a hole. In regards to lip mounts I use a Diamond K400 and it is seriously strong.

    Also important is to go on Alan K0BG's website, look at the page on bonding and do that to the vehicles you're going to be using it on. Makes a quite notable difference in performance. You don't need to buy a screwdriver controller, just use the rocker switch. Set the PF-A button on the TS480 to CW tune. When you want to change bands then all you need to do is to change to the new band, press PF-A, use the rocker switch to move to the lowest SWR and press PF-A again.
  5. K1DNR

    K1DNR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm pleased with the Little Tar Heel 2 and a 6' whip on my Volvo - on a ball mount, high on the rear fender. I had one of the MFJ manual tune "screwdrivers" 1611 I think prior to this, with a 57" whip and spring - mounted on the roof of my truck it was a superior antenna.

    No issues with RFI for me, but the antenna is choked at the feed point, and again near the radio. The Volvo is also relatively noise free - of all the vehicles I've had (Dodge Caravan, Ford F150, Honda CRV).

    Not great on 40m - but this is the price you pay with the smaller coil and shorter whip. The 6' whip helped a great deal - and the antenna works nicely on 20m and up. I've still managed to work VK and ZL SSB from the East Coast with 100W on 40m from my favorite spot down by the shore.

    I don't want a huge antenna - the Little Tar Heel 2 gets enough attention as it is. I think its a great choice given these limitations - and I'd never really want to run high power in my car anyway - that just isn't what mobile is about for me. I have power and full size antennas at home. Other people feel differently and that's fine. I think its a great antenna with all this in mind.
  6. W4WOS

    W4WOS Ham Member QRZ Page

    LOL. I realize I am about 4 years late entering this topic but I have been using the Lil'Tarheel II on my volvo big truck for better than a year now and I cannot tell how many times on 40 & 75 that I have heard reports from 6 and 800 mile away on 75m at how big my signal is to be a mobile. I stay on 20 & 40 mostly throughout the day then tune to 75 for the Alabama net mic. Was 55 mile west of Chicago Illinois last night, and checked into the Al Net with no trouble. I do not get to check in many times from the mid west, but instead of it being because they cannot hear me, it is because I cannot hear the Net control station and therefore cannot hear when they call for mobiles and portables. I have the "56 whip. It is a tad high when I go through Michigan lol due to they were afraid of heights when they built all of the overpasses, and so I keep it on 20 or 10 while traveling Michigan. I grabbed an overpass once up there and made my whip look like a rattlesnake fixing to strike. I recommend it highly. Just be sure of 2 things. Keep the cable entry point into the motor section facing the rear direction, and be certain things are grounded very well. Otherwise, keep the control cable seperated from the antenna feedline as it enters the vehicle and routes to the control box. I had a tuner with my Yaesu 857d when I bought it but the tuner stays packed up in my cabinet. I get perfect swr with very little effort except on 6m which is because of the longer whip. It is an outstanding little jewel and does not make you look like Mork from Ork as you travel. lol.
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