Tarheel on Travel Trailer

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by N1SFT, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. W5LZ

    W5LZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    ... So, did you get an antenna up and working?
  2. KE5XA

    KE5XA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Greetings Craig,

    I have a LittleTarheel II on my RV, and attached it to the top of the ladder on the rear of the motorhome. I used Foil HVAC tape that I got from The local hardware store and cut tuned radials. It works OK. One suggestion, make sure that the adhesive is conductive. I would recommend that you re-consider laying the antenna down pointing aft or to the rear of the trailer. While travelling during rain storms/bad weather, rain will find it's way into the antenna as the bottom sleeve is not sealed. This could be disastrous for the coil and the motor/gearbox. I lived up north for quite a while and the residual salt and from winter and water will not be kind to the inside of the antenna.

    Just some thoughts. Good Luck.

    Milton KE5XA
  3. KB1VP

    KB1VP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have the setup you are considering. I had the mount installed by the dealer on my Airstream then created for counterpoise installed at the base of the antenna. I installed a quick release connection used for trailers to connect the counterpoise. I made the counterpoise 25 ft long and they lay on top of my camper. I need a tall chair which I carrying to connect and deploy the counterpoise. I can work stations. Since a vertical I believe I am restricted to the narrow band and radiation angel of the antenna. I have worked into the Bearring Sea on 6 watts from New England so the antenna does work. But keeping a schedule is harder and does not perform like a dipole in the trees.

    I would suggest when you lay the antenna down you have some type of tennis ball or other soft material at the end of the antenna. I have scrapped off the clear coat of the Airstream under the antenna tip from the antenna ticking the top of my camper. I do not know what permanent damage I've done as the clear coat is applied by Alcoa at the metal factory. I have worked a lot of PSK31 on this setup but as the bands are so bad it is hard whether I have a good working antenna all the time or the band conditions are just bad. I have worked into Europe on QRP. I run QRP when on batteries and 100 watts when on shore power.

    I had problems with water getting into the camper. My cables came into the camper installed into a cable keep. The water was getting into the camper between the cables in the cable keep. I had to put a large blob of sealant at the top of the cable keep to block the rain water. It does not look pretty but it works.

    When I am parked near trees I put up the counterpoise into the trees. That move the wires above the head and less to trip over when walking around the camper. My installation can be up and running in 10 minutes so it is just part of my routine when parking or tearing down. I have a remote in the camper to raise and lower the antenna with the Tarheel folder over. BTW those mounts are built like battleships. You cannot go wrong.

  4. N1SFT

    N1SFT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello everyone. Please accept my apologies for not responding to replies sooner. It's been a very busy fall at work.

    I did not follow through with the tarheel yet. Instead - I ended up setting up a ladder-mounted system to support a pushup mast. In the interest of time and my pocket book, I decided to try a rotatable ham-stick dipole at the top of a 30 ft mast. I will figure out how to post a picture of the antenna system in operation.

    I am not giving up on the tarheel all together - I am just letting my wallet heal from some recent snowmobile repair bills! :)

    Sorry for the gargantuan size of the photo, but here's my one ton and the camper:
    the mast support is just a "flagpole" holder, and the mast is only up 3 sections, so we're probably looking at 18 feet give or take off the ground.

    I know its not what I want: I want a multi band and one that doesn't need guying. BUT - this go me on the air, and I was making contacts in Europe that morning.

    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  5. N8KIM

    N8KIM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Brian, i am in the same situation. I will leave soon with my tarheel mounted on the aluminum siding near the roof on a quick disconnect hopefully utilizing the siding for a ground plane. Sands this attempt
    i will attach the tarheel to my truck and run coax to the camper. n8kim wayne

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