Talk me out of this

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N8FVJ, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok, all of you are smarter than I as most voted to buy it. So I placed a bid and item ends about 9am EST tomorrow morning. I also have an Electro Voice 630 high impedance mic & desk stand laying around doing nothing. The EV 630 is real classy to use with vintage rigs.
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  2. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    NCX-5 and matching power supply

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  3. WZ7U

    WZ7U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice :cool:
  4. K8HIT

    K8HIT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is a hobby, if you will enjoy a vintage station, go for it.
  5. WA2CWA

    WA2CWA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Which version ncx-5 or ncx-5 mk ii?
    Make sure you run a separate ground wire from the NCX-A chassis to the NCX-5 chassis. National relied on one pin in the Jones connector for a ground connection between them.
    I use my NCX-5 on the regular basis. I picked it up some time in the 90's along with the NCX-A, VX-501 (external VFO) , and all the walnut cabinets (still in their original cartons) all for the whopping price of $85.
  6. F8WBD

    F8WBD Ham Member QRZ Page

    When you have an itch, scratch it. If you aren't depriving your children of food, clothing, and it.
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  7. AG4RT

    AG4RT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I’m guessing schnockered. ;)
  8. K2XT

    K2XT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Get it. If you don't you may regret it. If you get it you can always sell it.
    You are bidding? You should not be revealing what you are willing to pay many hours before the auction ends. This makes it easy for someone to outbid you. Bid in the last ten seconds the maximum you are willing to fork over.
  9. W2AI

    W2AI QRZ Lifetime Member #240 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Do you know this to be factual????
  10. W0AEW

    W0AEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Talk about enablers enabling. Shame.

    Buy it.
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