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Taking HF Radio on Plane to Brazil

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by KL1IF, May 8, 2014.

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  1. KL1IF

    KL1IF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Has anyone ever tried to travel on a plane with their HF radio? To Brazil, or anywhere outside the US? I am hoping to take my HF radio to visit family in Brazil this summer and I am wondering if I will run into problems. I want to carry the radio and small switching power supply in a pelican case as my carry on luggage and put the antenna in the checked luggage. Any tips or suggestions? I've carried an HT on this same trip many times without problems.

  2. KK4UIE

    KK4UIE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just flew to Cayman Islands. Carried my KX3 and 12 Volt lipo battery on Delta. They wiped the battery, asked about the coil to the BudiPole, and said "Have a Nice Trip"

    Bill, KK4UIE
  3. OE3MCS

    OE3MCS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was in April in Brazil with my Yaesu FT-817 with the Yaesu Leathercase.and a couple NiMh rechargeabel Eneloops Batteries in a Batterie Case in my handluggage!
    Miracle whip and rubber antenna and Tuner an wires in my suitcase. Flying from Amsterdam Schipol to Rio de Janeiro with KLM.
    No Problem at the security check. Asked if i have a Laptop camera ect..
    Took the photo camera an the FT-817 ND in the leather case out and put it in a box..runs through the x-ray scan... no question no problem.
    I also wanted to take a 12V/3200mAH Lipo pack....with me...but its somehow not clear by the airline if they are allowed or not... an i you ask at the airport nowbody knows something?
    are Lipos Dangerous Goods? an so i didnt take them on the flight... IF you look some Videos on Youtube with Lipo Exploison... you dont feel safe to take them on the plane!
    But it was also ok with the NiMh Batteries... to work some hours on the beach with 5 Watts...had even some DX QRP QSOs from Brazil to Europe!

    Dont worry!

    Have a nice Trip!

    um abra├žo

    de Markus OE3MCS (was also PY4/OE3MCS and PP1/OE3MCS)
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