Taking another look at Packet Radio

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W4KYR, Apr 4, 2017.

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  1. KA2DEW

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    We’ve had best luck at 9600 using matching radios on each end of the link. YMMV. I’d love interoperability info!
    g3ruh-modem@groups.io is our email reflector about radio interfacing @ 9600.
    ninotnc@groups.io for other topics.
  2. KA2DEW

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    The TARPN NinoTNC A3 PCBs and CPU set is shipping from pre-orders today with no profit taken. All of the orders made before May 13 will ship in the next couple of days, sending from San Antonio Texas. We're ordering another batch of the A3 boards that will ship in early June. At that point we may be caught up and will be shipping from stock. So far the price hasn't changed for the board and CPU. The parts cost from DigiKey has gone down because we're using a Microchip USB instead of the expensive, fragile and rare FTDI module. Using FTDI seemed like such a good idea. fail. We have an info site at http://tarpn.net/d along with news. Our assembly instructions are better than any kit I've ever seen. The photo here is of the final test procedure where you can loop-back the TX audio to the RX audio and prove that the TNC is decoding its own packet at 9600 baud. 4 bit-rates, optional Forward Error Correction, USB KISS TNC for under $30.

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