TA5ABO Behiye's Space Adventure

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by TA5ABO, Oct 5, 2020.

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  1. TA5ABO

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    • Longing for space
    • How I Got Started on Amateur Radio
    • My Amateur Radio License
    • My First Satellite Listening and Certification
    • What's Behiye Busy With Right Now?
    • What about Mars?
    • Thanks
    Hello, I am Behiye Esma ÖTE. I am only 15years old. I continue my education in Mersin,TURKEY, Like any girl, I am a princess in my parents' eyes. But right now I am not playing with rag dolls. Because I have more important work. I wrote this article to talk about my communication with satellites and the International Space Station (ISS).

    Longing for space

    Like every child, I was interested in space through the books I read, movies, videos of space agencies and the Internet. However, I was aware that just by reading and learning a few things, I could not open the gates of space. Something was missing. I wanted to be involved in a more active space study. However, the opportunities of our country were limited and we did not have the means like other countries' children.


    How I Got Started on Amateur Radio

    My amateur radio curiosity started at an early age. I was 11 years old. My father Hamit ÖTE was an amateur radio operator with a TA5AHO call sign. However, there was an age limit to use and license these systems. Since he is a class A amateur radio broadcaster, I can do 15-minute trainings with him at the station. However, these communications were generally in the form of radio communications with other amateurs in the country. You cannot imagine how quickly 15 minutes passed when I started working at the station.


    One day, while doing research, my father told me about an article you can read by clicking here. He wanted me to read because he knew I was interested in space. The article was a bit long, but it was written in Turkish and it tells the satellite story of a 13-year-old girl named Serenay.

    Moreover, he was at my age when he did this study. He had listened to a satellite at that age, and then he was invited to the ITU space laboratory by the team that produced the satellite he listened to and spent 4 wonderful days there. Moreover, he was able to touch the twin of the same satellite in the laboratory.

    After I started to read, I started to get excited. I was especially impressed by that short film they shot in that cold to promote the satellite he was listening to. On the other hand, I thought I wish I could do it too. When I read the article and finished, I went to my father. He was smiling at me miserably. First, I did not understand the reason for this smile. She said to me; “Let me guess what you're going to say first. Babaaa! Can't we, too? " I was surprised. Because I was going to go over to him with a sigh and ask exactly that.

    - Yes so… Can I get the answer to my question?

    - Of course! I just need to tell you some small technical details. The amateur radioman father of that girl is already my friend.
    You can guess the smile on my face.


    My Amateur Radio License

    When I was 13, I took the exam immediately and got the license. Now I was a licensed amateur radio with TA5ABO call sign and Class A. I could freely use the station in any band allowed. My first radio was a 5 Watt handheld radio. This pure open space was enough for me not to hear the signals from the International Space Station and some satellites.


    My First Satellite Listening and Certification

    Gradually starting from the simple orbit, satellite studies, communication systems, antenna positioning, etc. I have started to learn. Then I heard the ITUpSAT-1 satellite, which is in low earth orbit 700 km above. We sent the recorded signal to ITU and they sent me a certificate of attendance. This was my first certificate in space studies and I was very happy. Serenay, in my sister's words, I was now a satellite hunter.

    Then I started listening to other satellites. The sky that I always looked at when I was working on the balcony or outside was very different for me now. They were far away somewhere upstairs, I can't see but I could hear. We could only see the reflection of the solar panels of the International Space Station on some suitable transits. There is no kid who doesn't admire the International Space Station and the astronauts there. It was his turn. In amateur radio, there is an amateur communication system called Slow Scan Television SSTV. It's not a very complex system. We can send and receive pictures from the radio through this system.


    This system is the same in the International Space Station. Astronauts, viewable amateur radiographers, send pictures to the world. Sometimes there are activities like getting the best and most pictures in the form of small contests.

    What's Behiye Busy With Right Now?

    In the meantime, I usually follow the activities of the International Space Station and try to get pictures of these images and post them on NASA's website. Many of my photos have been there until now and I got my certificates. Below you can see our certificates for some of these studies.


    Nobody should underestimate children our age, and with the right information, we can learn a lot. Space is much closer to us than we think. They call us the "Z" generation, but not everyone lives on social networks from morning to night. Sometimes I play games and watch movies like everyone else, but the taste of space science is completely different. Dealing with science saves us neither bad habits nor wasting time. We also do good things.

    What about Mars?

    I left 1 year behind in space studies. I learned so many things that I cannot explain. Although I am a 15-year-old boy today, I am the youngest volunteer of the Mars Project on Earth. This is a completely different excitement for me. Maybe I'm very new to Mars, but I'm sure I will learn a lot here. In time, I will also participate in active studies. In fact, I plan to be a part of this work with my teachers at my own school as soon as the pandemic period ends. Because I saw what this team wanted to do. Volunteers are few for now, we need more time and promotional support for studies.



    Today, we are working with my father as a father-daughter, just like Serenay USLU and his father, with the TA2ISU call sign that I took as an example for myself and opened the door for me on space travel. Since we are both amateurs, we spend a lot more time together. we can chat on the same topics.

    I wrote this article both to thank and to give him a little surprise. Thanks Serenay, my sister, I will try to increase the number of operators like you (YL). I also send my thanks to my father who supported me at every opportunity and to other amateur radio operators who guided me on this issue.

    In order to support our work, you can comment on my article and you can support us young people more by sharing See you.88



    Behiye Esma OTE
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  2. DJ0AJ

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    TA5ABO BEHIYE bol sanslar uzunömerler vy73 DJOAJ ekrem
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  3. TA1SA

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    TA5ABO BEHIYE Başarılarının devamını dilerim bahtın açık ömrün uzun olsun çıkmış olduğun bu yolda Ülkemize ilkleri yaşatmayı Türkiye Amatör Telsizciliği adına bir idol olma yolunda kararlı ve istikrarlı ilerliyeşini canı gönülden tebrik ederim TA1SA YENER SOĞANCI 73
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  4. KL7KN

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    Vielen Dank, dass Sie den Vorteil geteilt haben. Viel Glück für zukünftige Kontakte


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  5. OE1TOA

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    Sevgili kücük sultan Behiye basarilarinin devamini dilerim. Vy 73 De OE1TOA
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  6. KF2ZZ

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    Behiye Esma ÖTE -

    You impress me. Please work very hard in school.
    I hope to see you transmitting from the ISS in the not too distant future!

    Now I'm hungry - I'll have a Börek in your honor.


    Brian :)
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  7. TA7AOF

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    Dear Behiye Sultan;

    I read your article with pleasure. It is wonderful that you have devoted yourself to this hobby at the age of 11! We are grateful for sharing these works and the process with us. Unfortunately, in the (Z) generation you mentioned, orientation towards such hobbies is very little. Satellite, space, ham radio…
    Not seeing our young people, the new generation, makes us sad. It makes us very happy to see our valuable young people like you in this hobby. You have read Serenay's article, maybe our young people reading this article will follow your way. I congratulate and wish you continued success. 73 de TA7AOF
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  8. KN4LGM

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    Why... Why is this featured in the qrz news, if anything it should be on her bio. How is this news that can improve anyone else's knowledge or enjoyment of the hobby? The only purpose that I can see in this is to serve her(or her parents) pride(or vanity). It is fine to be proud of your achievements, but how is this news?

    It is still very impressive, and I hope you enjoy the hobby.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2020
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  9. UR3QTN

    UR3QTN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello, Behiye Esma ÖTE!
    My sister and I would love to conduct qso via fm sats & iss. Good luck and see you, 73!
    Yes! And adults hams! Sorry. that we sometimes "get confused at your feet." But the appearance of young radio amateurs in recent years has become a whole event. Bravo, Behiye Esma ÖTE
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2020
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    It's listed as an "editorial" not news. Oh and the word "but" negates anything in front of it.
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