SWR Question

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by VE3BXG, May 12, 2019.

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  1. KP4SX

    KP4SX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The performance of the dummy load as a dummy load wouldn't be good if it were a 2:1 mismatch ;););)
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  2. WB5WPA

    WB5WPA Ham Member QRZ Page

    At that rate, you probably pulled the wrong dummy load off the storage shelf; you picked the 25 Ohm or the 100 Ohm model ...
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  3. KA2IRQ

    KA2IRQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, that's what I meant. If you take the context of his original post, that's what he's talking about- the "SWR performance."
  4. W5LZ

    W5LZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why the differences?
    1.You are measuring in different places.
    2.All meters do no have the same accuracy.
    3.'MomaNaure' doesn't like you.

    Take your pick.
  5. K7RJB

    K7RJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    A shortened antenna is rarely a happy one.

    A poor radio with a good antenna is often better than a great radio with a compromised antenna.
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  6. W9WQA

    W9WQA Ham Member QRZ Page

    jfwiw dept, 1.5 :1 = 6% loss appx 6 watts out of 100.
    2:1 =11 watts lost.
    wont be much on an s meter huh.
  7. W9WQA

    W9WQA Ham Member QRZ Page

    thats why i always use the internal tuner with everything outside..radio sees 1:1 and max power or what you set.
  8. KT1F

    KT1F Ham Member QRZ Page

    How did you calculate those?
  9. W5DXP

    W5DXP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pref/Pfor = ((SWR-1)/(SWR+1))2

  10. KT1F

    KT1F Ham Member QRZ Page

    Okay, so the percentages quoted by W9WQA is the ratio of reflected to forward power. Surely that's not the same as "watts lost". Other than resistive losses doesn't it all end up in the load eventually?
    Last edited: May 16, 2019

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