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  1. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    This thread explains the rules that we enforce within the QRZ Online Swapmeet. This thread replaces and supersedes all previous Rules and Safety Policy threads, which have been replaced.

    QRZ Swapmeet Rules

    1.0 Purpose
    The purpose of these rules is to promote fairness, and to protect participants from fraudulent and/or illegal activity. In addition, some rules regarding content and/or wording serve to make the listings easier to search and use.

    This forum serves to connect amateur radio members wishing to buy and/or sell amateur radio gear. There is a separate category for General Merchandise which may be used to list any non-amateur related merchandise that isn't otherwise prohibited by these rules.

    2.0 Prohibited Items

    2.1 - Prohibited Items which may not be offered for Sale or Trade on QRZ
    1. Any merchandise that is illegal to possess or sell in the United States.
    2. Radios or amplifiers which may not be sold per FCC regulations, i.e. the "banned radios list".
    3. Services or other non-tangible goods.
    4. Commercial sales (see Ham Made Gear, below)
    5. Weapons and/or firearms.
    2.2 - Items which may not be offered in the Ham Radio Gear for Sale section
    1. CB Radio Transceivers - however, such gear may be listed under General Merchandise.
    2. Computers and computer parts and/or non-radio related peripherals (printers, monitors, etc.)
    2.3 - QRZ reserves the right to reject and/or remove any listing at its sole discretion.

    3.0 - Transaction Rules

    3.1 Payment Policies
    1. Users may not offer or request payments in such a manner that avoids the payment of fees when a fee based service is used. For example, when using PayPal, a seller may not request that payment be made using the Friends and Family (zero fee) method. Such use of PayPal is unethical and will not be tolerated.
    2. PayPal Upcharging - sellers may not offer goods at a higher price if PayPal is used.
    3.2 QRZ's Responsibility
    1. QRZ takes no fee, percentage, or revenue of any kind that arise from the sale of merchandise between participants.
    2. QRZ will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any deal that takes place or fails between the participants of this forum.
    3. QRZ does not guarantee the identity or the authenticity of any member who posts items for sale.
    4. QRZ does not guarantee satisfaction, nor does it provide any warranty on any merchandise sold here.

    4.0 - Listing Policies
    1. Photos are REQUIRED. All For-Sale or For-Trade items must include a photo of the actual item being offered for sale or trade. Photos must also meet the following requirements:
      1. Photo must be clear, focused, and of sufficient resolution (minimum 640x480).
      2. Boxed, new or used gear must be opened with the contents clearly shown.
      3. If the value of the gear being offered can reasonably expect to be worth $100 USD or more then the sellers call sign must appear in at least one photo of the actual item for sale - not just the manual or the box, but next to the item itself. Call signs may not be digitally superimposed (aka Photoshopped) onto the image, and must appear adjacent or atop the merchandise. Hand written call signs on plain paper are preferred.
      4. Stock photos, manufacturer photos, or photos obtained elsewhere are not permitted, unless used for illustration, IN ADDITION TO qualifying photos under this section.
      5. Items which are listed as PICKUP ONLY are exempt from the callsign-in-picture requirement, so long as the item is offered EXCLUSIVELY as face-to-face (in-person) transaction between the buyer and the seller. The transaction must not require payment prior to the in-person meeting. The moderators may, at their discretion, demand that a photo with the call sign be included if they feel that the wording in the listing is ambiguous.
      6. Listings which have photos but are missing the required call sign will be flagged as CAUTION by the moderator(s). Sellers may then post a qualifying photo as a REPLY to their listing in which case the moderators will remove the CAUTION flag.
    2. - Listing Frequency
      1. Sellers may post no more than 3 listings in a 7 day period. A listing may, however, contain any number of individual items for sale.
      2. If, at the moderator's discretion, a member's postings are deemed needlessly repetitive and/or made for no other purpose than to reappear at the top of the listings, they may be removed, irrespective of the 7 day period.
      3. Items may be relisted but not until 7 days or longer after the initial listing
    3. - Listing Titles
      1. The Title or Subject of a listing must identify what is being offered. The preferred title is MAKE/MODEL of the item being offered, AND NOTHING ELSE.
      2. Titles should not include descriptive adjectives, such as "NIB", "MINT", "REPOST", "RELIST", "CLEANING SHACK", "WTB", etc.
      3. The title should not include words like "FOR SALE", "FS", "TRADE", etc., as these are already a part of the listing category.
      4. The listing title should not include the PRICE of the item.
      5. The QRZ editorial staff may, without notice, revise the title of your item as deemed necessary. The QRZ staff will not alter the textual content within the body of your listing.
    4. - Want-to-Buy Listings
      1. Want listings are generally problematic because scammers target them explicitly. Responses to a QRZ wanted ad may come from any person, anywhere, whether or not they are licensed hams or even radio enthusiasts. Experience has shown that WTB listings are targeted by scammers more often than any other type of listing.
      2. Since the likelihood of being targeted by a scammer increases with the value of the want, we strongly discourage WTB's for transceivers. You may list a WTB for a transceiver or other high value item, but, be aware that QRZ WILL NOT HELP YOU in the event that you fall victim to a scam or are otherwise unsatisfied with the result.
    5. - No-Delete Policy
      1. QRZ does not remove items that are posted, even after they have SOLD. The QRZ swap list is maintained as a historical record to prevent revisionism.
      2. QRZ editors/moderators may remove listings and/or posts as they deem necessary.
    6. - Ending a Listing / Marking SOLD
      1. QRZ moderators constantly scan the swapmeet area for revisions. If your item has SOLD, or you have decided to withdraw your offer to sell, you can CANCEL the listing. Either action results in an appropriate listing tag being applied. To notify QRZ of a status change in your listing, click on the small Report link at the bottom of your listing. This is a direct line to the moderators. Also, you can simply post a Reply to your listing saying either SOLD, or "withdrawn from sale". Moderators will see your update and adjust the listing tag accordingly.
    7. - Preferred Method of Contact
      1. A seller may indicate a preference for email, PM, telephone, carrier pigeon, however the moderators will NOT enforce a seller's restrictions. Readers who fail to heed a sellers preference must suffer their own consequences.
    8. - eBay Listings
      1. Listings which exist on other sites, such as eBay, Craigslist, QTH.com, or elsewhere, may be simultaneously listed on QRZ, however, the QRZ listing must be a complete listing and not simply a link to another site.
    9. - Auctions and/or Best Offer Listings
      1. Auction-style Best Offer listings are allowed. A seller may, for example, entertain open bids for an item, either publicly or privately. QRZ will not supervise or intercede in such negotiations.
    10. - Ham Made Gear
      1. Although commercial sales aren't permitted in the Ham Radio Gear section, QRZ recognizes the efforts of thousands of small businesses that are just getting started making valuable and useful amateur radio gear but are too small to consider paid advertising. For these groups we provide a special Forum of their own called Ham Made Gear. We expect sellers in the HMG section to offer items that they have manufactured and/or designed themselves. We do not support resellers of any kind in the HMG forum.
    5.0 - Buyer / Shopper Policies
    1. No Discussions - The swapmeet is not to be used for free form discussion on any topic. Moderators will delete certain types of buyer/shopper responses as needed. In particular:
      1. Price Police - under no circumstance may any user post a comment on a listing's price. A seller has complete freedom to charge whatever price he likes, and to accept the consequences of getting it wrong.
      2. General Commentary - this is not a discussion group. All buyer/shopper commentary must be directed to the seller, and must be a question about the item being offered.
      3. EMAIL SENT (PM sent, Message Sent, etc.) replies - believe it or not, such replies have been deemed unfair to sellers. If you have sent an email or PM, then wait for a response. Also note that "email sent" isn't a question. Remember, if it isn't a question, then its commentary.
    2. Use Report Post - at the end of every thread there is a small clickable link labeled Report. If, as a buyer/shopper, you see something that isn't quite right, please use the Report feature to bring it to our attention, along with your commentary. When you use Report, the moderators are given a specific link to the exact posting you are reporting, which can save tons of time on both ends. If you send an email, be doubly sure that you include a direct link (copied from your browser's address bar) to the item under question.
    6.0 - Appeals
    1. You Can Appeal a Moderator's Decision. If you disagree with a moderator's decision, you may ask for an appeal. The very best way to register an appeal is to use Report Post, as described above. You may contact the moderator directly (through PM), or, you may contact QRZ via email by sending it to editor@qrz.com. We will review any appeal seriously, and you can expect an answer within a day or two of sending it. It isn't necessary to contact QRZ management separately since the moderators are doing that in the background already. Another great place to talk to the moderators is in the Swapmeet Talk Forum.

    2. QRZ's goal is to make sellers Successful, and to keep Buyers Safe. As a seller, we definitely want you to be successful at unloading your gear. We recognize that many sellers and buyers alike will not have read these rules, and when we take the time to remind you of them, we're doing it for good reason. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the success of anyone in these matters, however, we will listen and occasionally provide guidance and advice as is practicable.
    7.0 - Editing Listings
    1. Listings may be edited for 30 minutes after the initial posting. After that, listings may be updated by the seller making a REPLY to the listing thread. When some material fact changes during the course of the sale, sellers should use the REPLY function to inform their customers.
    8.0 - Marking Items SOLD or Canceled
    1. Use a REPLY posting to mark your item SOLD. When your item sells, make a REPLY posting to your article that says SOLD. Our moderators will then change the category of your listing accordingly.
    2. Use a REPLY posting to withdraw / cancel your sale. You may withdraw your sale by making a REPLY that states that the item is no longer available. The moderators will update your listing category.
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