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  1. K1VSK

    K1VSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sign SV3AUW/ SV3, SV3/ SV2, etc... or simply delete the portable reference as unnecessary.
    It certainly sounds like he was intentionally being vague.
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  2. SQ5EBM

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    Nothing. When you operate from the same DXCC it changes nothing. /P is or portable and SV/A is for Mt. Athos. Blame it on ARRL and DXCC. Simple as that.

    Boris E73Y - nope we are no longer issuing regional calls as per "you must have SP5 if your QTH is in SP5".

    You can be SP5 and your QTH is SP1. Still SP will be a polish prefix. Back in the days when you used a different QTH from your LIS we just added /1-9 depending on region. Some of us do it still but no regulations require us to do so. It does not change your DXCC.
    SV/A does... same as i would use UA2/SQ5EBM or SQ5EBM/UA2 - maybe i should use SQ5EBM/P5? P5 would be sitting position 5. I wonder how many folks would get fooled, same as they were by that /A station.

    Same as SVxZYX/A = SV/A = Mt. Athos. If you are issued an SV call and use /A it means,and did so since the 70s (AFAIR) it means that you are located in a DXCC called Mt. Athos.

    Maybe i missed some new rules and you can add whatever letter you want ... /WD ... or /D when walking your dog ... or /B when sipping on a brew while QSOing?
    Maybe i should mark my call /MM or /AM sitting in my bath or swinging in my hammock?
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  3. E73Y

    E73Y Ham Member QRZ Page


    I stand corrected for Poland but Greece is still having callsigns issued by the region.

    As I mentioned before there is just one HAM on Mt. Athos and even though it is inside Greek borders it is not the area where SV HAM's can freely go and operate. Please check this very interesting article by Neil, G0JHC where he mentions procedure to enter Mt. Athos:

    73's Boris E73Y
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