Suggestions for a cheap grab and go 2m handie

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by G7MRV, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. N8EKT

    N8EKT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yaesu all the way!

    Right now NOBODY beats Yaesu for maximum bang for the buck.
    And the VX-170 is tank tough and very affordable!
    High quality electronics made in Japan not just some slave labor Chinese knock off that will break the first time you drop it.
  2. KC0LRP

    KC0LRP Ham Member QRZ Page


    Is not made Japan it is made China. I have agree that it's best for the buck.:D
  3. N4LPK

    N4LPK Ham Member QRZ Page

    One of the best built and retailed for under $100.00 new is the ICOM T2H. It is a 2 meter unit that has 40 memory channels, 6 watt output power as well as lower setting. They came standard with a 8 cell(AA) battery pack. It can use alkaline batteries such as Duracell. However there is a aftermarket rechargeable battery and charger available for them. It is software programmable. However it is pretty easy to program on the fly.

    These sold new for $99.00 from places like AES and others. When ICOM discontinued them many places sold them as low as $75.00. Today you can find them on the used market for even less. They are CTCS capable as well. Very ruggedly built. They also will scan any of the or all of the memory channels programmed in. Repeater offsets and VFO features are also built in. I own 2 of them and use them all the time.
  4. N4LPK

    N4LPK Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. W6CD

    W6CD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yaesu VX-170

    Yaesu VX-170 - and suggest to obtain the programming software and cable.
  6. N2MDA

    N2MDA Ham Member QRZ Page

    2 Meter FM HT

    I have a very nice Yaesu FT-411 that would suit you nicely. It has a BNC connector for the antenna that is more rugged than the sma connectors. It also has the 12 vdc adaptor and cigarette lighter plug to run off your car battery. It has a new replacement battery 7.2 volts at 700 mah The radio will put out 5 watts on 12 vdc nicely. The radio has never had to be repaired or has it ever been modified. I even have a headset/mike I'll put in the deal as well. You will be happy with it!
  7. M0VEY

    M0VEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Jingtong JT-308

    How about a Jingtong JT-308 . It has all you want & more. I've used one for a few years. About £35 new & £20 secondhand. They just don't come cheaper. Check them out on google. Usually plenty on e-bay. 136-174mhz. ctcss but no dtmf.

    Phil. m0vey
  8. KC7OVN

    KC7OVN Guest

    Cheap and reliable 2m rig

    I have 2 little kids that are hams, so I was looking for something that would not make me go broke if it got ruined. I use the FDC-150A from Feidaxin. They are $59 shipped to the house and come with a cradle charger and ear-bud mic. The software to program it was an extra $12. I bought 2 units and it came with the software and adapter for $109.

    An easy place to get them is ebay or Their service stinks, but the prices are right.

    I found the performance to be the same as my Yaesu HT FT-50.
    With an Yaesu 170 at ~$120, the programing kit at $40, and it does not come with a craddle charger, I will be sticking with a cheap Feidaxin for a while.
  9. W9DAZ

    W9DAZ Guest

    Buy a Yaesu VX-170. You will not be sorry.

    Dave W9DAZ
  10. KC0KZY

    KC0KZY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Handie

    I just bought a Yaesu vx-170 and I really like it. Its not that hard to understand the program manual and it has very good audio. I would recommend getting the speaker mic. One thing I like about the speaker mic is that it has a jack on the bottom of it for earphones which I really like. It may cost you a little more but then you get what you pay for to. I hope this helps. 73's Bill
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