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Stereo TRS plug for straight key

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by KD2RDG, Jan 20, 2021.

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  1. KD2RDG

    KD2RDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I figured out why this is a good idea.

    Get a $2 headphone splitter Y cable and you can set up a paddle and a straight key into the same jack. Then just switch the internal keyer off and on to change between them.
  2. DD5RK

    DD5RK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a 5x splitter for audio cable. I have a straight key, a bug and a paddle in parallel.
  3. KD2RDG

    KD2RDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    So far I have resisted buying a bug. We'll see how long that lasts. :D
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  4. KG7WGX

    KG7WGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've been doing that for two years. It is a good idea.

    Also, for those who have transceivers with PF (programmable function) keys, you can generally set one up to take you to the menu item for changing the key type with a single press.

    For the KX3, the knob does not not "wrap around", so a quick CW spin defines Hand and a CCW spin defines Tip=Dit. (And anybody using a L-hand paddle would have to pause in the middle to set that.)
  5. KG7WGX

    KG7WGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have too many keys. It took three years, and I thought I was done.

    I haven't bought one since July, and that one was a bug.

    I tell myself, "I can quit buying keys any time I want to." ;)
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  6. PU2OZT

    PU2OZT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Works... until your shack is adopted by cats :D
    Then, you need switches.
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  7. KG7WGX

    KG7WGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I believe that if there is a remark made about cats and keys, it is obligatory to ask if one of the cats is named "Morse".

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  8. K1LKP

    K1LKP Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Cat (1).gif sleeping cat (1).gif Cat (1).gif

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  9. K2CAJ

    K2CAJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Great idea. And with an external keyer like the UltraPicoKeyer, you can attach the Y cable and straight key (or bug) downstream, so that you don't even need to switch the keyer to hop between them.
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  10. KC3RN

    KC3RN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've done this with both my 450D and my 7300. It works great. It's actually a bit easier with the 450D, since the keyer can be turned on/off from the front panel. It's a menu item on the 7300, but not a big deal.
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