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Stainless Steel Package HIGH POWER Multiband MAGNETIC LOOP ANTENNA 10-60 Mts

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by KX4CY, Aug 4, 2017.

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  1. KX4CY

    KX4CY Ham Member QRZ Page

    RV’s – DxPedition – Camping – Restricted HOA’s – Apartments- Boat House –Townhouse – Emergency- Penthouse

    When I started searching for practical antennas for my restricted HOA apartment community the Magnetic Loop was a clear choice.

    However most commercial magnetic loop antennas are for low power operation or QRP.
    I ended with a design of my own and have had so much fun, that thought it may benefit other HAMS with similar needs, so decided to advertise it in Ham made gear. The antenna is light, portable, serviceable, handles a reasonable amount of power, characteristic Q rejects some interference, and is capable of detecting some weak signals.

    The High power magnetic loop handles 100W PEP easily. (Model SML-1000-1)

    loop down front1.jpg

    Picture Shown with Active loop down. It can easily be reconfigured for Active loop Up

    loop down side1.jpg detail vertical attach.jpg
    Up front view.jpg Capacior tuner side.jpg


    ss quarter side.jpg ss side through1.jpg

    I designed this antenna to be easily serviceable and made from commonly available materials, so that you could enjoy a robust and solid performing antenna that allows Dx to the far places of the world on a minimal footprint, portable, light configuration, discrete form and reasonable power handling.

    Currently with 100W PEP , rain or shine, I routinely make contact with HAMS across the USA and other countries in South America and Europe.With the SML-1000-1 QRP is optional.

    Interestingly, even tough we are geographically located at the tip of the Florida peninsula, with the antenna in a north-south orientation, reaching to Texas, California to the west and Spain and Italy to the East has been normally achieved. And as a matter of normal course the states directly to the north all the way to Canada and to the south Puerto Rico, Venezuela & Brazil. This on 20 and 40 mts. The current tested rig is a YAESU 857D + MFJ-939 automatic antenna tuner. The Yaesu maximum power output is 100 watts PEP on SSB HF.

    The process of tuning the antenna for Dx is straight forward and is as follows:

    1.- Turn OFF the auto-tuner and choose the desired frequency on the Transceiver.
    2.- Turn on the volume on the transceiver and turn over the capacitor on the antenna and find the spot where maximum noise is heard.
    3.- Turn on the auto tuner and proceed to auto tune the antenna. This process usually results in a 1:1 swr or very close to it.
    After this tuning process, when you search for other stations to Dx, you do not need to perform auto tune until you are ready to transmit on a chosen frequency. Once the frequency is chosen, you press auto tune and get your SWR down to 1:1 or very close to it. Then transmit. (If the auto tune does not tune satisfactorily after a frequency change, go back to No.1 above and repeat.)
    Yaesu 857.jpg
    (The combination tested is YAESU 857D + MFJ-939 Automatic tuner. NOT INCLUDED )


    This antenna design lends itself to experimental applications if you are so inclined.

    For example, you may want to change the diameter of the radiant loop or the diameter of the tube forming the loop. Or the material of the radiant loop. Or double up a large loop for operation on 160 Mts.

    Also you can also play with the plane of the loop, vertical or by relocating some portions of the PVC, lay it on a table and have a horizontal polarization.

    Or maybe you would like to compare the propagation differences between active loop up or down. Which can be made by adding a pvc coupling and a pipe extension to the top to provide support for the newly reconfigured radiant loop.

    I hope you find this information interesting.

    The High power SML-1000-1 MAGNETIC LOOP Antenna only PRICE is $180.00 Plus shipping. Shipped FEDEX Home Delivery to any of the contiguous states of the Continental USA.

    Customer feedback : Excellent Seller, Great craftsmanship, great comms, great support, Thanks! -STEVE- (HAM Extra License)

    What you get for $180.00 plus shipping:

    Fully enclosed and assembled ready to use High voltage air core variable capacitor. (Aluminum fins, Stainless steel rods and nuts)
    Qty (1) carefully coiled 38" Diameter 5/8 Copper Loop.
    Qty (1) 7"Diameter 3/4 wide Aluminum plate
    4.- Qty (2) Gold plated 1/4 post connectors. (50 Ohm Coaxial wire not included!)
    5.- PVC Frame:
    PVC frame with Qty (10) 3/4 PVC T joint and Aprox. 14 Ft of 3/4 PVC pipe cut in several segments. Qty (10) 6 inch electrical nylon ties.
    6.- Instructions:
    Assembly and use instructions.

    (The combination tested is YAESU 857D + MFJ-939 Automatic tuner.)

    YOU MUST MENTION QRZ Stainless Steel Special offer package for $180

    a. Cash in Advance. We accept PAYPAL, Money orders or personal checks.
    b. Estimated shipping is 5 Days after reception of payment if by personal check.
    c. We accept 30 day returns. Buyer pays all shipping. Item must be in new unused packed condition ready for sale. Must obtain return authorization code from us.
    d. Antenna is custom built. If you need any additional features or only parts please contact us for additional or reduced pricing.
    f. We reserve the right to make any modification to improve the design.
    e. User assumes all responsibility for use of this antenna and fitness of purpose.

    Please contact me: prior to mailing (Sending) any confirmed order or payment. We need to send you a confirmed Fedex ground estimate to your zip code and you must attach your signed purchase order with your payment.

    All the best and happy DX.
  2. KX4CY

    KX4CY Ham Member QRZ Page

    The feedback....

    Many thanks Roberto, you have a really nice product here and have been most helpful. I'm really happy with the antenna and wish you the best in your antenna endeavors.
    I've left pos feedback. Thanks again and hope to see u on the bands.
    Best 73's ,

    Hello Roberto, I put the antenna to use on my regular 40 meter net this morning and was able to hear and work a net controller that I have not even been able to hear previously. So it's obviously doing its job. Next will be a 20 meter net later this evening, from Hawaii and I'll see how that goes.


    Due to strict antenna restriction is the main reason for the Mag Loop U Make.
    I'm very pleased at the very lack of all the QRN I have on the tuned eve.
    So far, called a W9 stn and he did hear me with the 25 watts I was using from my FT100D. I'm sure as the E and F layers combine in the evening. I should do much better. I had the antenna, 'mag loop' sitting inside my apartment by the patio doors so I was really surprised that some one would be picking my signal up. I'm also in a low spot. I have a pretty good hill to the South of me and one to the West but seem to do OK. I'll know more later on and will let you know.

    Newark, NY
  3. KX4CY

    KX4CY Ham Member QRZ Page


    ICOM 706MKII with LDG-AT100
    Kenwood TS-480HX with LDG-AT600
    Yaesu FT100D with LDG-AT1000
    Yaesu 857D with MFJ-939
  4. W3WGG

    W3WGG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    What would be shipping to 70065?
  5. KX4CY

    KX4CY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Bill,
    About $35 Fedex Ground. Sent other details on the other thread.
    All the best
    Roberto. KX4CY
  6. KX4CY

    KX4CY Ham Member QRZ Page

    A video review of the SML-1000-1 Antenna by David Casler KE0OG

    All the best,

    Roberto. KX4CY
  7. KX4CY

    KX4CY Ham Member QRZ Page


    Current purchase venues are:



    Ebay. Search "Magnetic Loop Antenna" or "SML-1000-1"

    Thank you all for your support.

    All the best,



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