Stainless Steel (11 Gage) Antenna Mount SO-239

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by KC6AUP, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. KC6AUP

    KC6AUP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got tired of having antenna mounts break or crack, so I built a few of these for myself and felt it would be a good thing to offer them to other Hams.

    They are $10 each with $5 shipping, if you want more then one, then it's an added $1 per mount. I wish I could get a lower shipping, but these will go out 1st class USPS mail.

    My QSL card has all my contact information on it, so post here, or email me if you're interested 20170705_173605.jpg .

    Stainless Steel 304 11 Gage
    Mount hole is 5/8" so they will fit a SO239
    Mount holes are 5/16"
    Tie down holes are also 5/16"

    I added the tie down holes to the mount to allow for bungy cords to be attached to the mounts for use to attach a tarp or anything else you'd like to use the mount for.
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  2. KC6AUP

    KC6AUP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a bit of an up date: my PayPal account is my email address, and it should be Stainless Steel, not Stainless Steal.. darn auto speller.
  3. K7LZR

    K7LZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Looks like some very nice machining work there :).
  4. KC6AUP

    KC6AUP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks. I have a friend that owns a machine shop and he has allowed me to use his tools to make these.
  5. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    Would you consider adding holes for the SO-239's that require 4 screws? I have had problems with the single nut versions in my rather harsh NH environment when used on Cushcraft type Gamma matches.
    Also what is the center to center spacing of the 5/16 holes?


  6. KC6AUP

    KC6AUP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't have one close at hand right now, however, of you want me to make one with 4 holes in it I'd be happy to. Just tell me what dimensions you need. It sounds like I may need to make the mount longer for four holes, however, that's not an issue, since this is going to be a custom build.

    So send me what spacing you need for the holes, center to center and I'll make it next week.
  7. KC6AUP

    KC6AUP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Carl, brain fart on my part here. Yes I can easily add 4 holes for the SO-239. For some reason I was thinking the mountimg side. So if I have it clear you want to use a solder connection to allow you to weather proof the connection? The mounting holes are 1 11/16"


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