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Sr. Citizen Questions Re G31 Excalibur, etc., Please

Discussion in 'OS: Mac OS' started by BOBR, Aug 27, 2018.

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  1. BOBR

    BOBR QRZ Member


    Sr. Citizen now, very, so please put up with my probably dumb questions, a bit.
    Want to get back. into hobby. So happy I found his Forum.

    I have a G31 WinRadio Excalibur, and an iMac, and hence my "problems".

    I have the Parallels program set up on the mac that provides a "virtual" W10 environment.
    The G31 won't run in it.
    This was verified also by the WinRadio folks; something about the data rate being too much, etc.

    So, I installed a new "pure" W10 on the Mac, which I can get to using the Mac Bootcamp app.
    The G31 works just fine now.

    But, switching back and forth is just so incredibly slow, it takes all the fun out of using.

    Question please; Is there any way, or available software, that would enable me to run
    my G31 "directly" on the Mac, without having to use Bootcamp, etc. ?

    What do you folks with a G31 do ?

    It's been so long now, I have no idea what's out there, or available, anymore.
    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    One more quick question, please:
    Are there any cheap Dongles ($ 50 max or so) available that would provide HF coverage, <30 MHz,
    and software that I could als0 use "directly" on the Mac.
    (e.g., perhaps with that really nice HFDSR I think it's called ? Or other ?)

    Much thanks, really appreciate the help,
  2. WF7A

    WF7A Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi, Bob:

    How much RAM do you have in your Mac? To run Parallels you need at least 8 GB to obtain a modicum of performance from your Mac running it and its native OS.

    Has WinRadio mentioned anything about using VMWare's Fusion PC emulator instead of Parallels? I've switched to Fusion because I've found it to be more stable and have more control over the PC's settings.
  3. BOBR

    BOBR QRZ Member


    Thanks for help with this.
    Have 8 MB RAM on relatively new iMac.

    Never asked WinRadio re Fusion directly, but they did tell me their software
    won't work on a virtual W10.
    Chances are pretty good that it won't run on Fusion, but would hate to spend another $80 or so to find out.

    Perhaps someone here has specific experience with Fusion ?

    I can't help but think that someone must have created some software to enable
    The G31 to run "natively" directly in the Mac OS, as I imagine that so many folks would love to use it;
    lots of Mac's out there.

    But maybe not ?

    Anyone know of any ?

    BTW The HFSDR I mentioned: is this only for Dongles, and not HF ?
    But there is some software to make it usable with Mac OS; true ?

    Please do keep me in mind.

    Best regards,

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