For Sale Spring Cleaning Part 2

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by AG4F, May 18, 2018.

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  1. AG4F

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    Spring Cleaning, Lots-o-Stuff for Sale (2nd Post, Removed Items Already Sold From Previous Listing)

    MFJ-1263 Microphone Transceiver Switch, in excellent condition. Now using a microphone mixer, so no longer need this. $65 + shipping.

    Coastal ChipWorks TNC-X TNC + Xdigi/Xtrack board, works great, excess to my needs, TNC-X (already built) + X-Digi + X-Track new would be $160, $90 + shipping.

    Linksys WRT-54GL 1.1 router. Mesh network firmware. Can't use at my new QTH (too far into the boonies), $10 + shipping.

    MT-ViKI 4-port audio/video passive switch. Great for switching sources to a speaker, selecting different sources as input, etc. $5 + shipping.

    CleanRF Splatter View, plus Hantek 6102BE 250MSa/s 100Mhz, 2 channel oscilloscope. This has everthing needed for a complete signal monitoring solution (sensors for amp and rig + oscilloscope), all components in like new condition, used only a few times (literally, only about 30 minutes total) to check linearity on several different rigs and amps. Now excess to my needs. Selling only as a package, but will consider selling separate components if it doesn't sell complete in a reasonable period of time. $275 + shipping for all.

    MFJ-874 200 watt power / SWR meter, 2 ranges: 1.8 - 200Mhz and 125 to 525 Mhz, in like new condition, used only a few times (maybe 2 hours total), $80 + shipping.

    Workman HP201S power / SWR meter, 28-30MHz, 1KW power handling, like new (literally 5 minutes use), $25 + shipping.

    RM Italy KL 7405 10 meter amp, with fan, 120 watt, like new (literally 10 minutes use), powerpole connector on power supply cable, $80 + shipping.

    20180513_094221.jpg 20180513_092725.jpg 20180513_093044.jpg 20180513_093218.jpg 20180513_093509.jpg 20180513_093643.jpg 20180513_093846.jpg 20180518_123952.jpg View attachment 458707 20180518_130926.jpg
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  2. AG4F

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    Oops, I forgot to list the Heil Pro-Set, $100 = shipping

    73 - David, AG4F
  3. KM4GKD

    KM4GKD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I want the CleanRF Splatter View, plus Hantek6102BE . How much shipped to 29388
  4. AG4F

    AG4F XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    KM4GKD - I'll get it boxed up and find the shipping cost and get back to you shortly (after 7pm, on a net until then).

    73 - David, AG4F
  5. KM4GKD

    KM4GKD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok thanks Is PayPal ok
    73 km4gkd
  6. AG4F

    AG4F XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    KM4GKD - USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate is $13.65, so the total is $288.65. Please paypal to david_salomon@hotmailcom. I will not be able to get it shipped until Monday, as I am tied up with a charity event tomorrow until past the time the USPS closes. Is your QRZ address correct for shipping?

    73 - David, AG4F
  7. KM4GKD

    KM4GKD Ham Member QRZ Page

    No I recently moved the address is 100 Eastland rd apt A4 woodruff SC 29388. That's fine my PayPal is
  8. AG4F

    AG4F XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    KM4GKD - Roger. I'll get it boxed up and ready, and ship as soon as I receive payment (Monday).

    I used this setup with a few rigs, and it works GREAT. One tip that I got from the guy who makes these is to tie all the grounds together on the equipment being tested. It doesn't necessarily have to be earth grounded, but all the testing and radio equipment should be at the same ground potential. If you don't do this, you may get funky results.

    73 - David, AG4F
  9. KM4GKD

    KM4GKD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Payment sent and sounds good thanks
  10. AG4F

    AG4F XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Payment received - thanks. It will ship Monday morning.
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