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Sponsors for the Homebrew Heroes Award for 2020 Announced

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K4FMH, Sep 15, 2020.

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  1. K4FMH

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    Ridgeland, Mississippi— September 15, 2019 — The newest sponsor of the Homebrew Heroes Award Program is the QSO Today Podcast, hosted and published by Eric Guth 4Z1UG. “I am most willing to pitch in. Thanks for this kind of ham radio activity. It’s the kind of thing that is needed to shed light on the heroes who push the boundaries of this great hobby of ours.”

    Steering Committee Chair, Frank Howell K4FMH of Ridgeland MS, welcomed the new sponsor with “Eric’s coming on board with a first class soldering station for our 2020 Hero expresses his commitment to our vision for this program. We welcome other sponsors who share his enthusiasm.” Eric 4Z1UG is also the host of the recent QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo which is being continued twice per year after the highly successful launch.

    All sponsors for the 2019 Award are continuing for the 2020 cycle.

    Jason Chonko of Siglent Ltd said, “We would love to sponsor the program again for 2020! Siglent will again give an SDS1202X-E oscilloscope to the Hero for 2020. Hans Summers’ use of that instrument to diagnose and redesign a circuit for his popular transceiver was a perfect use case for our test equipment.”

    Kaitlyn Franz of Digilent, a National Instruments Company, added “This Award Program is so much in sync with what we are doing at Digilent that we are definitely interested in sponsoring again!”

    Richard Stubbs of MFJ Enterprises responded with, “We are in for the Homebrew Hero Award for another year. MFJ was founded and continues to innovate on the basis of homebrew design, manufacturing and availability of parts for this community. Mr. Jue was an original pioneer in successful homebrew design with the CW filter kit back in the 1970s.”

    Heil Sound founder Bob Heil K9EID complemented the other continuing sponsors by saying, “This program was so necessary that Heil Sound is on board for the long haul. We will donate key parts for great audio work by the 2020 Hero winner.”

    George Zafiropoulos KJ6VU of the Ham Radio Workbench podcast, said, “Jeremy Kolonay KF7IJZ and I are more than happy to continue our sponsorship again this year. The Award is a great activity to highlight people who contribute the homebrew arts and science that our show emphasizes.”

    This year's Hero for 2019, Hans Summers G0UPL, has benefited from sponsor donations a great deal:

    The sponsor prizes that get absolutely DAILY use are the Siglent 'scope and the Heil headphones which sound great on my QCX kits. I have also made good use of the MFJ antenna analyzer and the Analog Discovery2 puck. The Benchduino PCBs did get here but I have not had much chance to think about what to do about them yet but they will be great with the Digilent AD2. These products have been a real benefit to my workbench.
    Hans Summers Hero 2019

    The promotional partner is the ICQ Podcast where Martin Butler M1MRB and Colin Butler M6BOY are the proprietors. Frank K4FMH is a Presenter.

    Martin Butler M1MRB in London UK, a member of the Steering Committee, said, “It’s been a fast year since the Homebrew Hero Award was conceived at Hamvention in 2019. The sponsors, especially with the addition of our fellow podcaster in Israel, Eric Guth 4Z1UG, have been tremendous assets in furthering our mission of identifying and rewarding those in the homebrew and maker space.”

    Another Steering Committee member, Colin Butler M6BOY, furthered that thought. “It’s clearly in the sponsor’s interests for the homebrew community to grow. What has long been missing is this program, one whose focus is to lift up those Heroes out there who are pushing, educating, demonstrating and being successful in many different ways.”

    The third Steering Committee member, Frank Howell K4FMH of Ridgeland, MS, concluded, “We have received and accepted the recipient of our 2020 Award from our anonymous Selection Committee. Martin, Colin and I are preparing for the formal announcement during October 2020. Stay tuned to our website at for that forthcoming celebration and the ICQ Podcast for relevant news!”

    For more information, press only:

    Frank M. Howell
    Contact page on Homebrew Heroes website
    @frankmhowell (Twitter)

    For more information on the Hombrew Heroes Award:
    Graphic Logo:
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  2. N1IPU

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    Don't get it. This seems like just a business promotion of one that's been around a long time already. How is that really homebrew? There are several hams out there who have homebrewed some great ideas recently. They are sharing plans and instructions for there ideas for free. Those are the heroes in my book.
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  3. IK2NBU

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    It is not a bad idea ! but business and passion can work togheter ?

    73 Arnaldo

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