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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KM4HGU, Dec 6, 2019.

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  1. N0TZU

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    About the only household incandescent bulbs that make economic sense now are for appliances because of the typically extreme environments and little use. In fact I just had to replace a bulb in the kitchen freezer for $3. The old one had been in there for a very long time.
  2. K9STH

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    One thing about incandescent bulbs is that most are rated at 120 VAC and the line voltage, from most electric companies runs at least 125 VAC. If you purchase 130 VAC bulbs they last, usually, from at least 5-times longer and even as much as 10-times, even more.

    Retail stores and even home improvement stores kept a much larger stock of 120 VAC bulbs and much easier to find. People bought 120 VAC bulbs which didn't last all that long and then came back and bought more bulbs. Most home improvement centers did stock a much smaller supply of 130 VAC bulbs and those, usually, required some effort to find.

    Lighting specialty shops, as well as electrical supply outlets, stocked a lot more of the 130 VAC bulbs.

    When I was on the speakers' bureau at TXU (electric company for almost half the State of Texas), my main topics were lightning protection, grounding, and nuclear power. TXU furnished, at no cost, speakers on all sorts of topics to local clubs and other organizations. No matter on what topic I was speaking, at every occasion the question of why the light bulbs burned out so fast. I would recommend purchasing 130 VAC bulbs for longer life. Later, I would "run into" someone who had heard my recommendation and had purchased 130 VAC bulbs. Every one of those persons would say that, after going to the 130 VAC bulbs, the bulbs definitely lasted, in fact often no failures to date, much longer than the 120 VAC bulbs.

    Glen, K9STH

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