SOTA - From A Beginner's Perspective!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W5KV, May 14, 2017.

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  1. W5KV

    W5KV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Join me on my first journey into SOTA (Summits on the Air) as I activate Shovel Mountain (Identifier: W5T-NT033) located in Central Texas.

    Just a precautionary statement to all radio ops - This. Is. Addictive. (you've been warned.)

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  2. KN3O

    KN3O Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have to ask, how much weight was all that? I can't imagine dragging all that up to a summit.
    Otherwise though it looks like you had a good time and made some contacts! I'd say a majority of the guys chasing SOTA run CW, I'm not sure if you're a cw guy or not but if you aren't SOTA is a great activity to learn it for.
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  3. W5KV

    W5KV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Probably around 30-35 lbs. I LOVE ruck marches though. Was one of my favorite pastime from the Army! I started learning CW about a few weeks ago (soon!)

  4. K9EZ

    K9EZ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Now lets get you on CW!

    Kent, K9EZ
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  5. KP3N

    KP3N XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Looks like you had a lot of fun, Nice job!

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  6. K6MTS

    K6MTS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Very cool SOTA trip, thanks for sharing, and Thanks too for your service! I've been doing some backpacking QRP, but also may do some shorter trips with IC7000 and Lipo batts.
    Keep the field trip vids coming. 73
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  7. W4KJG

    W4KJG Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've not registered for SOTA or BOTA, but I 've sure had fun on summits and beaches. I call it "Semi-SOTA" and "Semi-BOTA". I've mainly used 2 meter SSB and FM.

    Using my Utility Vehicle (UTV) from my primary location in West Virginia, I can easily get to ridge-top "radio line-of-sight" locations "see" into Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania by going a few hundred feet into one of my neighbor's farm pastures. (Yes, I have permission.)

    Our beach home in Caswell Beach, NC, is near the Oak Island Lighthouse. I've never operated from the lighthouse itself, but I've transported myself and equipment on my bicycle to operate from the walkway extending from the lighthouse, over the dunes, to the ocean. It has "radio line-of-sight" well into all of South Carolina. I've still not gotten into Georgia, Florida, Virginia, or Maryland from there on 2 meters, but many major cities in those states are over water from that location.

    Have fun.

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  8. KK0NIG

    KK0NIG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Worked a SOTA 60 miles away on 2M!


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  9. WW5RM

    WW5RM Guest

    Awesome dude! If you get a chance come up and hit the Oauchita and Ozark Summits north of me up in Ark! Ive only hit a few as my heart and back wont let me hump it like i use to but its a few a real short hike from the road! One is 10 points with pick nick tables! =]

    Watch for Andrew - KD5ZZK on APRS he is up there often! Usually a week at a time! Let me know if you go i can tell you some great places to camp or cabin to rent.

    Thank You for your service brother! 8 yr Combat Infantryman myself.

    de WW5RM
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  10. W7JET

    W7JET Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    SOTA is a great time and it gets even better with CW. I have activated 139 summits and 122 of them unique. Until I reached Mountain Goat I did 100% unique. Now that I have the Goat I do repeat the ones that were cool or easy to get to. I still really enjoy doing the first time never been on the air summit activations. The remote hard to get to ones are very rewarding. You are right it is highly addictive I could not agree more. We are having a celebration tomorrow here in the W7A for our latest Mountain Goat W7USA Ray who is #5 for us.

    73 W7JET Brian
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