Some of the more modern Transceivers

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by W5KRM, Mar 28, 2002.

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  1. W5KRM

    W5KRM Guest

    Well, here my "slant" on providing feedback on various transceivers I either have owned or currently use.


    I consider this transceiver one of the top notch performers. Easy to use, and doesn't require a lot of manual reading.
    One glitch mine had was the internal keying relay in the SEND line was "stuck" closed. The manul states that the radio is capable of handling up to 16 VDC at 2 AMP keying. This is incorrect. It should read 16 VDC at 500 mA. ICOM hasn't bothered to upgrade their manual nor notify users. When I initially contacted ICOM about why my Amp's transmit lite would illuminate with the radio connected (powered or unpowered), they told me the amp wasn't compatible. Well, it is. Only requires 12 VDC at 200 mA sinking capability of the exciter.

    All in all the radio is a 10.

    This is a super radio. One of the best receivers on the market. With the internal DRU, filters and tuner, it compares quite favorably with the current "DSP" transceivers out there. For the buck, it provides alot of features you won't find in many current models; standard features like:
    1. Manual Notch for us CW ops
    2. Multiple Filter selections (up to 3 installed filters in two IFs)
    3. Channel knob to quickly step up the band
    4. Easy to use without manual features
    5. Slope tuning, AIP, RIT
    6. Easy to read displays

    Another 10 in my book

    Ten-Tec Jupiter
    Boy, was I sorry I ever thought about this dog. Bought it new and had quality control issues out of the box. Mis-wired connections internally.

    Sent it back for repair and full check out.

    Receiver was very weak, no preamps. DSP cut the receive signal so much I had to crank the volume way up.

    Other things missed in this 1200$ radio:
    1. Up/down button
    2. DRU option
    3. Manual notch
    4. Brightness of display very limited in adjustment
    5. DSP reduces receive signal significantly
    6. QSK was great
    7. No way to easily go up and down the band
    8. No band switch (up/down)
    9. No internal tuner
    10. No hand mike supplied

    All in all, I rated this lemon a 2. It was sent back for full refund. After that I found numerous other individuals who had similar problems.

    Great radio for the money. You get HF, 6 and 2. Operates well but misses a few features.
    No manual notch, preamps are great, NB distorts audio, pumps AGC.

    I didn't find the DSP that functional. I really don't require it most of the time. FIlter slots. Could use more.
    Worked great on 6 and 2 for me and on HF it performed well. Another easy to use radio and doesn't require manual reading.

    Rate this one a 9/10.
  2. WD0CT

    WD0CT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Amen on the Ten Tec Jupiter......a dog with fleas! Bought one new and sent it back 24 hours later for a refund. Spin the vfo knob and it just jumped up and down and chattered--bushing very loose.
    Receive audio sucked on internal or several external speakers--any filter, any mode, dsp on or off.
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