Some bird-brain won't let me finish taking down the Christmas lights

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Life' started by N5AL, Apr 16, 2021.

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  1. KQ9J

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    We have 4 recessed light fixtures in the front porch roof. We never use them. One has no bulb in it. Several years ago, some little bird started perching in it every evening. You can set your watch by it. Disappears in the fall and comes back in the summer, without fail. I have no idea what kind of bird but he’s the official KQ9J House Bird.
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  2. KI5CAW

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    One year a Bull Snake got into the nuthatch nest and got the babies. We proceeded to remove all access routes for predators to get into their box. One thing, never put a dowel or any other landing strip on the front of the bird house. They don't need it and can fly straight into the opening. But predators can use such a peg to gain access to the bird house.
    It drives my cat nuts, the fact that the bird house is predator proof! He just sits and chatters at the birds. He just turned 18, that's alot of kitty frustration.
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