SOLD!! Yaesu FT-817ND 2014 model ALL accessories included

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by K5CDR, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. K5CDR

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    Hello and 73's all,

    I love this radio, you can probably tell that since this has EVERY ACCESSORY available compared to the majority sold on CL or QRZ. I won't bother with the specs, you likely know them. The manufacture date on the side of the box is just under two years. As I own five or six Yaesu newer products, I don't get to use this but in a blue moon. I also have the standard knob if you desire it instead of the cranker accessory. I am a MARS operator and QRP is enjoyable but with kids under 2, I don't get much time out of MARS while working in a faraday cage on network security. I'm going to do to the right thing and let another really enjoy this. As you will notice below, I've invested heavily in this unit unlike the many other 817 series. It has ALL W4RT upgrades plus both CW AND SSB filters! (W4RT makes the OBF for $300 which this has - It also has a $100 TXCO for those who dabble in digital. IT IS NOT MARS/CAP upgraded nor I am authorized to make that modification for you. I also have the W4RT extended battery, the stock OEM battery and of course the AA battery tray (NOTE TO THE WISE - alkaline leaks - use lithium in the AA tray, they do not corrode or leak and performance is far superior).

    The BEST PART IS - This unit has the DSP modification from bHI (!!!) - sure does and it makes a difference! Clears up audio really well and is again another W4RT upgrade (see I told you I had them all). I'm even including the OBP (One Big Punch mic too)! I have included the car changer, another with Anderson power poles and the best option for base camp ops - use a LiFEPO4 battery not an SLA battery! Unlike lead, Lithium is much more stable, runs like deep cycle properties and weight is 1/3 of an SLA . LiFEPO4 are expensive but there are worth it, you'll never go back to SLA - much of the world has switched to them even electric cars - especially if you are running on solar! To help you get started, not only will I include the factory manual but also the NiffyGuide Quick Reference guide along with the bHI DSP guide. Not many people at 35 have the passion I do in amateur radio so I'm going to toss in a SignaLink USB with the Yaesu connection cable to get you started on digital transmissions right away. If you don't have a program, I'll toss in the last free version of Ham Radio Deluxe for you as well, just let me know if advance. It's my joy to bring another ham intro this world!

    Carrying bag, shoulder strap and AC power supply also included. This radio has not been modified in any way (output is 5W do not modify this, for safety reasons - it has not, nor will I modify as it can blow the finals - 5W is fine for QRP). If you're looking for a great ALL-BAND HF/VHF/UHF with DSP and portability on the go - you've found it. Please take care of this, if my wife didn't want me to size down on firearms and radios I'd keep this thing until I push up daisies. For what I spent - $1000+ and you're getting it for less that HRO or Gigaparts would give you with these goodies, you'd be crazy to not look at this one! This will also be listed on CL so get it before it's gone (call or text, please) - $800 Shipping is FedEx Ground (I don't have an exact expense for that but I will get it buy Tuesday - it's more than $30). Payment can be made Cashiers check, Money Order or if you prefer - I will do PayPay or send you a credit card invoice via email through Square. Credit Cards have a 3.5% surcharge by the merchant. Buyers product will be honored via your credit card logo since I am not selling on PayPal. I will send you an invoice for which you will review it, then sign and return to me. Once received I will send you invoice to your email address.

    Please call me at 972-814-8426 - Brian / K5CDR (Call or text, my I spend most of my time in front of more serious network concerns around the country).
    If I may have one final request... Take a netbook, tiny tablet for digital modes - get kids involved. They are our future!
    Try teaching at a school or scouting (this thing loves scout outings)!
    Here's the default specs (ignore the use of a single optional CW/SSB filter, it have it and pictures can be provided).

    FT-817 The Ultimate Backpacker!
    Multi-mode Portable Transceiver

    The world's first self-contained, battery-powered, Multi-mode Portable Transceiver covering the HF, VHF, and UHF bands!

    For more than four decades, Yaesu has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance multi-mode base station and mobile transceivers, as well as FM handhelds.Yaesu broke new ground with the introduction of the FT-817: the world's first HF/VHF/UHF self-contained battery-powered Multi-mode Portable Transceiver. Providing up to five watts of power output, the FT-817 is designed for operation on the 160-10 meter HF bands, plus the 6 meter, 2 meter, and 70 cm bands. Whether your preferred operating mode is SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet, or SSB-based Digital modes like PSK31, the FT-817 is ready to join you on your next hiking, camping, or search-and-rescue adventure!

    Now the 817 legacy is even better with the introduction of the FT-817ND, which includes coverage of the U.S. 60-meter (5 MHz) band, and it also includes a 1400 mAh NiMH Battery pack (FNB-85) and NC-72B Charger! (See URL link to Yaesu Product Information More)

    All W4RT Upgrades can be purchased here * to add these to your FT817-ND you will spend over $1000
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