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Slow Speed CW

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by N4LCV, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. N4LCV

    N4LCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's been a while since I worked any CW, and never was all that good at it, anyway. But I'm thinking about getting into it, and was wondering where we be a good place on the bands to look for some slow spead (about 10 WPM is where I am right now) CW sent by people with a pretty fair fist. I know about "FISTS," but where on the band is a good place to look for some good slow CW? May start out listening more than working.


  2. AB2T

    AB2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Try staying around the upper part of the 40 CW band, 7050 kHz and up. The area around 7030 is customarily reserved for QRP operators, and the 7040 area is often used by data ops. If you're operating QRP, then jump right in to the QRP area! If not, give some space for the QRP and data ops and hang out nearby.

    Try 30m as well. There are lots of data ops on 30, so watch out for them.

    The ARRL frequency allocation chart shows the Novice bands in squiggly lines. These used to be de facto slower speed areas. Chart Color May 2008.pdf

    Here's the Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide. It's a list of calling frequencies and beacons to steer clear of:

    73, Jordan
  3. KC9KHG

    KC9KHG Ham Member QRZ Page

    FISTS has calling frequencies.You could start there. Also,check the SKCC group. Andy,K3UK has a sked page, hope the link works,that you can log onto and chat real time and set up a sked.Click on the SKCC button.They don't care if you are a member or not. Just let them know you are rusty and need some QRS contacts. You'll probably have them lining up to work you.

    Anyway,7.110 to 7.120 seems to always have slow code. Also W1AW broadcasts.

    Good Luck! Hope to catch you on the air!
    de KC9KHG
  4. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've always understood that W1AW has Morse code transmissions for people at varying speeds, perhaps they don't do this anymore. It would be a good way to listen to Morse code sent properly.

  5. KC5FM

    KC5FM Ham Member QRZ Page


    The League is your friend and still offers CW code practice.

    You can even listen on Echolink.

    Additionally, the Straight Key Century Club is a good resource, with regular nets and events. While you are on the web site, go ahead and join. It's free.

    Hope that helps.

  6. KI6NKG

    KI6NKG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes to slow CW

    I am looking for the same, will your signal reach Santa Cruz, CA? I have 90 W and a vertical antenna. I can operate 10-80m.
    Anyone interested in slow CW practice contact me at

  7. VE3CEH

    VE3CEH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for the Eco link pages. I to need code practice To obtain an advanced. Now registered for it's operation in the next couple of days.Mike R.
  8. VE3PP

    VE3PP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Why do you need code for your Canadian Advanced?

    You need to pass the theory test for your Advanced.

    I had to take the Code Tests when I got my ticket or stay on VHF.

    I took the Advanced Theory test so I could run power. If you want to own and operate a repeater or run power then you take that written test.

    This is what you need to study to obtain your Advanced.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2010
  9. K1DNR

    K1DNR Ham Member QRZ Page

    My email is on my QRZ profile page.

    I will make a contact with you at any speed you'd like. Shoot me an email. I'm generally online in the evenings Eastern time.

    Charley AE2CS
  10. AB2T

    AB2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Advanced + 5 wpm is useful for a ham that would like to be an Accredited Examiner. I'm taking the 5 wpm and Advanced around the same time simply because I'd like to start a club and examine potential hams that would like to be a part of that club. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with the 5 wpm. The Advanced is useful to have simply because sometimes transmitter repair is unavoidable.

    Until recently I operated under a club station run by Advanced hams. There's no real incentive to upgrade from Honors Basic if a ham runs a commercial rig or can find someone to repair a rig. I only use CW so ~100W was more than enough.

    73, Jordan AB2T/VA2AIT
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