[Site Request] Grid location improvement

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by K2DSL, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. K2DSL

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    For all/most of the US and a good amount of non-US sites there are valid grid locations on qrz.com. For other DX stations, there's no grid specified. I happen to use Ham Radio Deluxe for logging and it uses the grid square for calculating approximate distance between my location and the other station.

    qrz.com also has a great grid finder utility at http://www.qrz.com/gridfinder which takes an address (full or partial) and state/country and provides grid squares based on the accuracy it can gather from the provided info.

    It would make sense to me that someone at qrz.com could go through the call sign database and for any which don't have a grid square specified, attempt to look up the info using the other qrz.com utility.

    An example where there's no grid square on qrz.com but it finds the exact grid square in the grid finder is:

    Call Sign: DK7FP - http://www.qrz.com/detail/DK7FP
    Address 1: Bassinstr. 4
    Address 2: 45139 Essen,
    Country: Germany

    http://www.qrz.com/gridfinder returns address level accuracy showing a grid square of JO31mk

    The routine could pull in the exact grid square if there's an address match. I think the grid finder also shows a street and region match which might be ok for a specific 6 character grid square or 4 character grid square. If Grid Finder comes back with country as the accuracy, then maybe leave it blank.

    I'm guessing the above would allow for a fair percentage of contacts without a grid square to be provided one. It would then be available in the web or XML view vs the manual steps required now.

    Thanks for the consideration!!
    David - K2DSL
  2. K2DSL

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    My suggestion is indeed that someone write a program (single PHP or PERL script) that reads the qrz.com call sign db for any records without a grid and then attempts a lookup using the grid locator page. Now I didn't check if the grid locator page takes the form field values as querystring parameters but it would be a pretty straight forward PHP program to do what I describe.

    I'd certainly be willing to write it (more fluent in PHP then PERL but I cold hack together either in a single) but it's rather impossible without access to the source DB. There might be a more efficient way to look things up but I don't know the specifics of where grid finder is getting its data (local qrz.com db or calling out externally to do geocoding).

    David - K2DSL
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