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Simple Portable HF Antennas with Tim G5TM | Easy to Build

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK7HH, Jun 11, 2021.

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  1. VK7HH

    VK7HH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do you want to make a simple HF antenna using nothing but coax? Today I speak with Tim G5TM as he shares his experiences on building HF antennas, running portable, mobile and the fun to be had during the Sporadic E season.

    These HF antennas are simple to build and an easy way to get on the air!

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  2. KT5WB

    KT5WB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I cannot support using up meter after meter of coax by stripping off the shield. Just strip back a few cm from the end, and then solder on some plain vanilla 16ga copper stranded for the radiator. Will save you big bucks on coax.

    I would also recommend the below calculator by ON4AA for the choke design:

    My flowerpot for 6m is doing very well this Es season, SWR around 1:1.2 at 50.313. 8 turns of RG58 on a 2" PVC gives me over 2k ohms of choking for less than 2m of coax. Also lets me mow the lawn without moving radials every weekend!
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  3. K3FHP

    K3FHP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Too much talk, not enough antenna and construction pics for my taste. Also, agree with KT5WB above, no need for all the stripping unless you want to double back the shield to simulate a true coaxial dipole. But either way, they work E-Skip pleasantly.
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  4. W9SSN

    W9SSN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I refuse to click play on any video featuring someone with a surprised look on their face pointing at something in the thumbnail....
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  5. WD4ELG

    WD4ELG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh no. We're not going down that path again? Please, let us not comment on "the goofy looking presenter" and so forth.

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