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Simple "dupe" logging software....

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by AA7EJ, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. AA7EJ

    AA7EJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am looking for rudimentary logging software whose primary purpose is to check for dupes.
    Like to have one running for Field Day 2019!

    If somebody smarter than me wrote one in C/C++ as is willing to share the source code I like to hear from him /her. Linux preferred, but will take Windoze too.

    I asked Mrs Google and I really do not need "super duper writes QSO data in by itself", I just want jplain type in callsign "dupe checker".

    Please - read my request carefully - no need to tell me about how happy you are with XYZ logging software.
    73 Shirley
  2. KA8NCR

    KA8NCR Ham Member QRZ Page

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  3. K3UJ

    K3UJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check out GenLog
    It's free, built for contests (of which FD is not)
    Easy to use, when you choose which "contest" you are in, it provides just the required fields, and give some simple live reports (like: sections worked)
    And it checks for dupes.
    You can output ADIF & Cabrillo files if you want.
  4. W5UAA

    W5UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wrote a C++ logging program back in 1996 for one of my senior projects, but I'm sure you wouldn't want it. When you entered a call sign, it reached out to a Hamcall CD, displayed all data associated with that call sign and after entering RSTs, it time stamped it and wrote it to another file, which I used to print out mailing labels. A program that *just* checked for dupes would be pretty easy to write.
  5. K9ASE

    K9ASE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    N1MM logger is easy and shows dupes
  6. AA7EJ

    AA7EJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did same. Had fun doing it. Now I have a bigger problem then to play with FD log.I lost my main OS and trying to get it back. My current working OS is busy "upgrading" so I have some time to gab here.

    After it is done I can search for my old program. It is still there somewhere.

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