Simple 70cm SAT / EME / RA / SETI receive only system

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by KK4NSF, Sep 13, 2019.

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  1. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    For quite a few years, I've been a fan of all things related to Space / Astronomy and related subjects.... in addition to my Ham Radio hobby. Unfortunately, since I live in an older suburb with tiny yards, and am surrounded on all sides by trees, power lines, and other houses, a fixed station is out of the question. SO... I built a portable receive-only system, that is easy to pack, easy to carry, and easy to set up, but a little more capable than an HT with an arrow Yagi. Below are a few pics of it.

    The antenna is an OWA 6el Yagi, with approx 10.2 dB gain. I used the drawings by KG4JJH, and only modified it slightly, mostly to accomodate available materials. The aluminum came from Home Depot, and the insulators were cut / drilled from a scrap block of bullet resistant acrylic I had in the shop. It shows a 1:1.2 to 1:1.5 across the entire 70cm band, and came up with an almost perfect 50 ohms impedence with just a little tweaking. More importantly to me, it's pattern is very clean. It's a great design.... available here: 6 EL Yagi Drawings.pdf

    My next addition will be a 2m yagi of the same design, and a longer 70cm yagi to get a bit more gain for EME. Since the receiver has two antenna inputs, it may be a 70cm / 2m combo, switchable between the two.

    The receiver is an SDRplay RSP2pro, mounted with Velcro directly on the antenna base.... thus eliminating long coxial runs. Instead, I used a long USB cable that goes from the receiver to a laptop computer. Without the associated coaxial losses, there is less need for a LNA..... at least that's the theory. ( Here is the SDRplay web-site: )

    The mount is a Vixen Porta Mount 2 that I bought about a decade ago for astronomy. It allows 360 degrees AZ, and -45 to +90 degrees ALT movement. It is perfecly balanced (note the weights on the base) so it moves with just a touch, but stays put where you aim it. The antenna BASE (upon which the reciever and a yagi are mounted.... which attaches to the mount) is a long Vixen Shoe, also used for my astronomy.

    Since those photos were taken, I've added ALT-AZ setting circles.... but to be honest, I rarely use them since the beamwidth is ~25 degrees. I also have an Equatorial Mount for RA work.

    So how does it work? For portability, I could not have asked for more. The whole thing easily fits in a small car back seat, and takes just a few minutes to set up.

    For satellites, it works great! I've found it is a lot of fun to track and listen to the spacecraft as they fly over! Since it only operates on 70cm, I can obviously only hear the 70cm downlinks. Even so, I find it to be sort of addictive. A 2m yagi is in the works!

    On EME Receive-Only.... it actually does work, sometimes. I've managed to hear a few of the powerhouse stations, and seen a number of weak-signals on the waterfall. Given the small size / relatively small gain of the antenna, I consider it a big success to even be able to detect a signal at all!

    For RA, it's great! The atmosphere at 70cm band is virutally RF transparent, and thus is a good frequency for listening for Fast Radio Bursts. So far I've not heard one, but I have logged / charted several interesting emissions. The SDRplay has a good recorder function that can be used much like a strip-chart recorder.

    For SETI- no aliens yet. BUT if I hear one while listening to the EME signals, I'll let you know ;)

    nasa4.JPG nasa3.JPG nasa2.JPG nasa1.JPG
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  2. K4BAD

    K4BAD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great pictures! Maybe,with a little more work,you can add a transmitting capability.
    Receiving EME sits is quite an accomplishment!.
    73 K4BAD Harry
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  3. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Note: the link to OWA Yagi drawings is incorrect. It's for the 2m version I'm working on now. The 70cm version can be found here: 6 EL Yagi Drawings.pdf

    Thanks, Harry.

    About adding transmit capability..... I'm looking into it. To make it work well, I'll need a transceiver that plays well with HRD or similar software, and fits on the antenna boom. I'll keep you guys apprised of my progress.
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  4. KS1G

    KS1G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice job! I've also thought about remoting a small SDR, or SDR + RPi at the antenna and just run Cat6e back. MUCH cheaper than LMR400!

    I don't think you'll find a 70cm transmitter (other than an HT) that will fit on your mount. Since you have the RX side already, any of the HF--70cm radios with CAT control should work. For operating car-portable, the relatively short feedline length will not cost you too much signal. But looking forward to how you tackle this!
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  5. AI3V

    AI3V Ham Member QRZ Page

    Have you considered sending the stations you heard on eme a swl qsl card?

    I think they would be more than happy to qsl, as it would be quite an accomplishment indeed to receive eme signals with such a modest set up.

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  6. KB4MNG

    KB4MNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    That is really an impressive looking set up, I bet you turn heads. Can't imagine why you havnt gotten into transmitting.
  7. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks. It does turn a few neighbor heads, since I often use it in a nearby park.

    About transmitting: For now, I'm still perfecting the antenna and field set-up. A longer yagi is in the works, as is a 2m /70cm combo antenna. With the two RF inputs on the SDR, switching bans will be one push of a button on the laptop.

    Remember, it is a bit easier to receive than transmit... and right now, the rig needs a bit more gain to do what I want it to do. Once that's sorted out, I'll look into adding transmit capability.

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