signalink usb link-up grief with my ft-857d

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by M6HPY, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. M6HPY

    M6HPY Ham Member QRZ Page

    evening guys and girls. would like to bore everyone with my trials and tribulations with regard to psk31 on my ft-857d so apologies in advance.

    have bought a signalink usb with the 6-pin din lead for the data jack on the radio and am having a rough time trying to get the thing working. Have read the manual back to front and have set the signalink unit up for my radio (jumper leads etc.) but when i used dm780, i have barely any audio making it to the pc. i'm lucky to get 1%.

    also, when i send a signal from dm780, the only way i can get the radio to hear the signal is by turning the audio setting within dm780 up to maximum. i then get a tremendous amount of noise coming out of the radio (sounds like a latching relay or something) so i therefore shut everything down as quick as possible.

    it also looks like no rf power is being transmitted as my swr meter doesn't move at all even though the radio is in tx mode.

    again, apologies for the long winded question but after hours of trying to get the thing to work, i'm at a complete loss.

    any thoughts would be much appreciated

    paul - m6hpy.
  2. WZ3O

    WZ3O Guest

    helpful...... I hope


    Tricky item, that SignaLink....

    As you know it requires you to wire the jumpers for specific rigs, not all that straight forward in many cases, and the support on Tigertronics web site can be convoluted. I have "wired" a number of them for our RACES Ecomm rigs at the local hospitals, all up & running, all left me with a desire to run them over in the parking lot with my truck HiHi.

    1st, check the jumpers as below yet again, the 857 seems straight forward....

    Big One, confirm in your menu setting
    #73 in the 857 is set to 1200..... that & as follows are 2 big Arss Biters....;)

    Then, try (if you haven't already) turning the TX & RX knobs to 12 straight up, and try transmitting with you settings in DM780 @ "normal"...while doing so "fiddle" with the TX only, back & forth til you get strong RF out. Hope it solves the issue.....

    6-pin Mini DIN Data Port Connector (use SLUSB6PM, SL1+6PMD or SLCAB6PM)

    [TABLE="width: 703"]
    [TD="width: 158"]

    [TD="width: 128"]Pin-out
    Pin 1 – Data In
    Pin 2 – Ground
    Pin 3 – PTT
    Pin 4 – 9600 Out
    Pin 5 – 1200 Out
    Pin 6 – Squelch[/TD]
    [TD="width: 135"]Radio Models
    [TD="width: 283"][/TD]

    Hope to see you on the Waterfall someday..
    Gary - KB3RPE
  3. M6HPY

    M6HPY Ham Member QRZ Page

    cheers for the info gary. i've pretty much done all that you've mentioned and am still struggling to get the interface to work properly. i've done a little video for you and others to see first hand the grief that i'm having:


    again, any more help would be much appreciated :)

  4. ZR6MS

    ZR6MS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had the same problem with my FT897D and found that the Dig Gain was set to 0. I increased it to 10 and the interface did then ppt the radio.There might be another setting on the radio that was changed unknowingly ,the Yeasu manual might help.

  5. M6HPY

    M6HPY Ham Member QRZ Page

    may have solved the problem...

    cheers for the advice marius. think i may have solved the problem. looks like the problem was with the ptt section in dm780. switched this to ham radio deluxe and now i have rf power leaving the radio. the waterfall still seems a little deaf but i'm sure that is just a sound level thing. thanks for the words of advice guys. paul m6hpy :)
  6. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've had some similar problems with my FT-817ND, Signalink USB and HRD / DM780. Signalink works fine with DigiPan and FLDigi, but the radio randomly keys up with DM780. Might play with DigiPan or FLDigi and see if they work any better. You might also look into one of the programs that keeps track of your sound card settings for each program. I'm using the Romac Sound Card Manager and it allows me to switch from one program to another without twiddling the sound controls each time.
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