Signalink cables for Icom 718

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by CA3CFM, Apr 6, 2020.

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  1. CA3CFM

    CA3CFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello there. Hope everyone is doing great.
    Yesterday I've bought a Signalink from a friend. The thing is, there's no cables for my Icom rig. I live in Chile and right now thinking about buying them from the states means throw my money away. Is it possible to build them? I mean, the most important one is the one from radio (13 pins) to PC and that's the one I want to build, the other ones are simpler. Any help with whe wiring? Thanks in advance. Stay safe.
  2. N0JRK

    N0JRK Ham Member QRZ Page

    You should be able to. Look on the Signalink website. They have lots of information there.
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  3. CA3CFM

    CA3CFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Gonna take a look. Thx.
  4. WA4SIX

    WA4SIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can order the 13 pin connector on Ebay or Amazon & use an ethernet cable to solder to it. Try to find a stranded ethernet cable.

  5. W4HWD

    W4HWD Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    When I got my 718 I bought the cable with my SignaLink, but I would imagine it would be easy to build. A 13-pin DIN and an RJ-45 plug plus some multi-wire cable should work. The DIN pinout is in the Icom manual and the pinout for the other end is on the Tigertronics website.
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  6. CA3CFM

    CA3CFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks! Then as I see, the RJ45 is wired orderly from 1 to 8 but modified by the junpers config, right? And the cables used from the 13pin are from 1 to 8?
  7. K6CPO

    K6CPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are also internal jumpers in the Signalink that must be configured for the particular radio your connecting to. Again, see the Tigertronics website.
  8. CA3CFM

    CA3CFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, those are the jumpers I meant. But I´m not completely clear with the cable wiring on the 13 pins end.
  9. W4HWD

    W4HWD Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    If you want you can have my cable and jumpers. The only problem is the little locking clip on the bottom of the RJ45 is broken off - it was flimsy. You could cut if off and replace it. I can also send you the little yellow jumpers and the diagram. Since I replaced my 718 I don’t use anything Icom anymore, so if you want, email me your mailing address and I’ll send them tomorrow.
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  10. CA3CFM

    CA3CFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh, that's a wonderful offering. I'll send you an email for the details. Thanks a lot Harry!.

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