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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by M1MRB, Sep 16, 2019.

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  1. M1MRB

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    ICQ Podcast Episode 305

    In this episode, Martin M1MRB is joined by Leslie Butterfield G0CIB, Edmund Spicer M0MNG, Matthew Nassau M0NJX, Dan Romanchik KB6NU and Ruth Willet KM4LAO to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin M6BOY rounds up the news in brief and this episode’s feature is Rob Sherwood from Sherwood Engineering.


    We would like to thank Neil Connor (M6CUE), Frank Westphal ( K6FW) and Charles Riley (G4JQX) and our monthly and annual subscription donors for keeping the podcast advert free. To donate, please visit -

    News stories include: -
    • ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Reactivated
    • VDSL - PTA Imposes Restrictions on Radio Amateur
    • Radio Hams Track Interfering Signals
    • Good News for Amateur Radio Two Metre Band
    • Hamvention to Stay at Xenia for next 5 Years
    • AMSAT-LU PicoBalloons Travels around the Globe
    • North Korea tests DRM on Amateur Radio Band
    • GB100GP Active for Jamboree on the Air
    The ICQPodcast can be downloaded from

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  2. K4FMH

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    Who knew Rob could dance?
  3. KA0HCP

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    Rob Sherwood interview begins at 1:02:00
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  4. KA0HCP

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    p.s. Rob Sherwood mentions that he is planning to cease offering kits and aftermarket equipment by the end of the year, 2019.
  5. K4RGN

    K4RGN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    In the 1970s just after Sherwood Engineering had opened, I put an after-market filter from them into my Drake SW-4A. Still have it.
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  6. K4KYV

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    I purchased the SE-3 synchronous detector several years ago to use with my 75A-4 receiver. Would not be without it. They are now discontinued and are bringing an arm and a leg on ePay.
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  7. K0UO

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    Sherwood was that the Albuquerque Duke City hamfest this past weekend and he had several presentations and was a keynote speaker, very interesting.
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  8. K9CTB

    K9CTB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rob Sherwood did for amateur radio what Julian Hirsch did for we actual and wannabe (like me) audiophiles back in the 1970s .... we amateurs really needed that!

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