Shay locomotives....beastly looking machines

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by KL7AJ, Nov 14, 2018.

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  1. N2EY

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    Operation on grades poses two big challenges for steam locomotives.

    The first problem is wheel slip. Most steam locomotives have a considerable amount of their weight on unpowered wheels, which makes it easier for the powered (driver) wheels to slip. This effect is magnified by the uneven application of power from the pistons. Diesel-electrics generally have all wheels powered and the effort is smooth because of the electric drive. Shays are in-between. Cog and cable railways don't rely on wheel traction and so can handle much steeper grades.

    The second problem is boiler tilt. Conventional fire-tube boiler designs used in locos require that the boiler be almost exactly level so that the boiler parts designed to be under water really are under water. Expose the crown sheet and....boom. Yet at the same time the steam dome must not be full of water. This is why Shays tend to be small locomotives with short boilers.

    Electrification....that's the way.
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  2. KN4XJ

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    Yep, been there done that and yes they do share that distinctive respiratory sound hi. My claim to bicycling = Bike Tour Colorado 2002 so it's been a while.
  3. KC8HFO

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    1. 8 Cass W Va is well worth the trip. KC8 HFO .
  4. W9GB

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    IF you are in northeastern Illinois or southeastern Wisconsin this summer,
    Check the Illinois Railway Museum’s (IRM) running schedule.
    You can look at a Lima Locomotive Works Shay, up close.
    The J. Neils Lumber Company Shay #5 in the IRM Collection completed restoration work,
    by passing its 1472 day Federal inspection on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

    It is expected to be featured with Frisco 1630 as operating steam locomotives,
    during 2019 operating season.
    Frisco 1630 celebrated its 100th birthday last September (2018).
    This “Russian Decapod” was constructed by Baldwin in 1918 for export to Imperial Russia, but was kept in the United States following the Bolshevik Revolution. It ended up serving with the St Louis-San Francisco Railroad, or Frisco, and later a mining company in Oklahoma before coming to IRM in 1967.
    Shay #5 was built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1929 and operated for its entire career in the Pacific Northwest logging industry. Shay #5 was the first steam locomotive to operate at IRM, when acquired in 1966. It is the only geared steam locomotive preserved at IRM.
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  5. KL7AJ

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    And this begs the obvious many hams are railfans? I imagine, of folks of our general age....just about all of them. Model railroading seems to fit ham radio for some reason, too.
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  6. K7ITL

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    My father and I ran a 90 ton Shay on a logging museum track in Tacoma, Washington for many years. The real advantage of a geared locomotive over a conventional side rod design is that it will successfully negotiate almost any track that a log carrying car will handle. There are serious limitations to how flexible a rod locomotive can be. Much less so for a geared type. Also, there were other geared types besides the Shay. Climax and Heisler types were less common than the Shay. Interesting stuff but not ham radio.

    I did once get a whale of an electrical shock from the Shay. I was replacing the cord to the whistle and a nice looking woman asked me to pose for for her on top of the locomotive where I was working. Just then the safety valve released and for reasons I do not remember and cannot explain I poked my screwdriver into the plume of steam. And into the clear steam just as it came out of the safety valve. Yowza! God snapped his fingers and I almost fell off of the boiler.

    It seems that clear steam is very dry and I had created a high powered static machine. Then I understood why they don't use a chain to operate the whistle. Bad shock for the engineer.
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  7. VE3CGA

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    while visiting the XYL relatives in Iroquois Falls Ontario, she told me they even had an old train in their park just like London ontario has in a park (at the fair grounds)

    Strange looking thing with drive shafts - turned out to be a Shay 70 used at the mill up there

    a nice find up there among other sights like a moose family right on the main road into town
  8. K1LKP

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    === SHAY 3tk-climax.gif ==== SHAY LOCOMOTIVE.gif ==== SHAY smoke_chain_2.gif
    peace on earth small AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS.jpg

    =================================== santas christmas globe.gif
  9. K1LKP

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  10. AA8NN

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    Two years ago I was on a motorcycle trip in west Virginia and ran across the shay museum. I bought a ticket for a ride up the mountain. What a beautiful place! I recommend the train ride to anyone in the area. At the top of the mountain you also get a good view of the green mountain observatory radio telescope dish!
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