Setting up the FT1000MP Mark 5

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by G0HSA, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. G0HSA

    G0HSA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have just started using the FT1000MP mark 5 rig and at the moment I am having trouble setting up the audio on transmit.

    I use the Heil Proset Plus headset with the HC-4 and the HC-5 inserts and everytime I make some ajustments in the menu's I get told that my audio sounds aweful and  my attempts to go back to the begining only succeed in causing more headaches and end up with me having to do a full master reset of the rig.

    I have visited the website dedicated to the FT1000MP for suggestions and the only pointers I have found were for the Heil goldline mike. I tried the settings recommended only find that the outcome was the same as my previous attempts. I am also finding that when I make any changes in the menu's I am having to reduce the level of my mike gain and thus also by default end up reducing the power level on transmit which again is adding to my frustrations.

    Is there anybody out there that uses the FT1000MP Mark 5 with this type of headset and managed to unravel the mysteries of setting up the transmit audio without having to reduce the mike gain?

    According to the instruction manual once the mike gain has been set between the 9.o'clock and 10.o'clock position it shouldn't require any further adjustment. Not in my case as I am finding that I have to adjust the mike gain on an almost constant basis to make sure I am not overdriving the rig and when using the speech processor I am having to lower the mike gain again to stop the rig being overdriven. Checking the manual finds nothing mentioned about this in the relevent section. As a result I have stopped using the RF speech processor altogether for fear of causing problems to others.

    Can anybody help?

    Andrew Bennett G0HSA   [​IMG]
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