Setting up a Yaesu 450d for CW operation.

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by 2E0LPL, Feb 21, 2019.

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  1. 2E0LPL

    2E0LPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am very keen to learn to read and send CW/Morse and know I need to learn to read first but I just wanted to see how the straight key shapes up that I have.

    Had it hooked up for around 3 days and today noticed something thats puzzling me...

    The key will send if I select USB/CW and also LSB and USB.

    With BK-IN selected.

    I have been listening to my test transmission on my local on-line SDR on-line 5w.on 160m

    I'm not sure but apart form today I seemed to be able to select any freq and I would be able to hear my tone on the SDR on-line.

    But now if I select say 1815.00 on my 450 and key up...I hear or seen no trace on the SDR...if I tune 1815.50 everything is fine I hear my tx with the tone and see the trace on the online sdr waterfall.

    On some freq I see my TX trace on the SDR but hear no CW tone.

    Also noticed if the 450 is tuned to freq say 1900.00 that may change when I key to 1900.50 when I key and revert back to 1900.00 when I un-key.

    Am I setting something wrong or do I have a problem.

    One more thing...if using CW can USB or LSB be used whatever band is being used.

    AS you can see I have a lot to learn re CW.
  2. W9RAC

    W9RAC Subscriber QRZ Page

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  3. WB5YUZ

    WB5YUZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    In these days when almost all radios have a very narrow CW filter, and so many ops choose to leave the filter selected at all times, knowing how to zero beat is crucial.

    I leave the CW filter out whenever conditions allow. That way I can hear the DX calling a few KHz off...
  4. 2E0LPL

    2E0LPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have already read those chapters...but will look again just in case I missed something...just wondering really why when I tune a freq say 1900khz usb....when I select CW usb the freq changes to 1900.70khz...that was all really.

    I thought I may have a fault...or have set something incorrectly.

    Please excuse my ignorance.
  5. W9RAC

    W9RAC Subscriber QRZ Page

    It is showing you the offset frequency, some rigs have a menu setting so you can change it to where it does not show the change, although it still is changing. If you did not have the off set you would not be able to hear each other. 73 Rich
  6. N8AFT

    N8AFT Subscriber QRZ Page

    That 700Hz offset is built in.
    MUST use CW for CW, not USB or LSB.
    It will select proper sideband on its own.
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  7. KC3RN

    KC3RN Ham Member QRZ Page

    This. If you want to work CW, you need to switch the mode to CW. Also, the 700Hz offset is the factory default, but it can be adjusted through the menu (CWPITCH). I find the factors default to be the most pleasant.

    If you're planning on using the on-board keyer, I would suggest you program the DSP/SEL knob to control the keyer speed. Menu "SELDIAL" - set to "CWSPEED". That's much more convenient than going into the menu just to change keyer speed.
  8. 2E0LPL

    2E0LPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    "If you want to work CW, you need to switch the mode to CW"

    I suppose that goes with out saying...I can imagine some of you guys grown when you read posts from operators like me asking such basic questions some will say dumb questions...but believe me over here they dont teach about cw in radio school so please stay with me guys...I do appreciate your help.

    I have always worked by "If in doubt ask"
  9. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Go back and re read the CW section of the manual and it may explain the freq offset principles.
    I wonder why there is no understanding but I have been on CW for 58 years and in my youth there was a LOT more interest in CW operating.
  10. K5VZD

    K5VZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    absolutely not...everyone has to go thru the learning curve..never such a thing as a "stupid" question.. We're all here to help..
    k8jd and I have been thru most of it at one time or another.. I've been causing qrm on the bands since 1962 and still occasionally ask for help.

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