Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by NN6EE, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. WZ7U

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    I'm telling you Pat, moats of burning ethanol. Keeps 'em out every time :D
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  2. W7UUU

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    Just popping in to check - did MFJ get all set straight yet?


    Will check back in a couple dozen more pages of posts ;)

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  3. WZ7U

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    Check back in the mid seventies, might be within a couple dozen by then.

    But then I didn't know MFJ was bent...
  4. W4IOA

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  5. W4IOA

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    I've made some bent in this thread
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  7. WZ7U

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    Oh, threads.
    threads2.jpg sewing.gif
  8. N6QIC

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  9. WA6MHZ

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    YIKES!!! I would have required a PANTS CHANGE!!!
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  10. K4FMH

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    I'll try one more time....

    There are two major errors in your dialog:

    (a) you blame the inability of your company to hire "reliable workers" on quality control issues by MFJ (e.g., "The point is that reliable workers are difficult to find here and throughout the south, companies regularly hire employees from out of state. "); and
    (b) you take what you see and what you hear to make sweeping generalizations about the entire region, ignoring what's happening in the rest of the United States (e.g., "just repeating what I hear on a regular basis here and in other states close by.").

    I know you believe what you see and hear. But you see very little of the entire region. None of us do, personally, but those of us who use reliable and valid data on the region and the U.S. do have a much better perspective on who these selective observations that you and just those you talk to generalize to larger areas and populations. I know you will not agree but that's my point. It's like you're describing the world by only looking down at your own feet and assuming that the world is like that. I've spent a career studying socioeconomic conditions and change in the U.S. It's why I'm trying to get you to see beyond the end of your nose. No offense intended as we can all do this at times.

    MFJ draws employees, most of whom work at the company for long periods of time. It's a mixture of men and women of different ethnic backgrounds. Starkville is not unlike Pullman WA, Ames IA, Clemson SC, or Corvallis OR in that it's a college town with some manufacturing and much retail and service businesses. MFJ is one of the largest private employers in Starkville. They hire VERY different employees that you say you do, in temporary workers in construction. Yet you blame MFJ's QC issues on the region without anything more than your own, and your selected peers', experiences. Note that, say, this recent quantitative evaluation of "workforce quality" by state lists FOUR of the Top Ten states for workforce quality as being in the South: But what does that have to do with MFJ? Over-generalizations like you make are just not accurate on the labor pool that MFJ hires from.

    You blame poverty and the "decaying areas" across the South for your troubles in hiring "reliable local employees." Your citation of the 26% poverty rate in Memphis is one source for this plus your driving around the region and seeing "decay" through your windshield. Again, a lack of understanding on your part and a lack of seeing the national picture. Do you know who makes up a substantial portion of that 26% group of the impoverished in the Memphis metropolitan area? CHILDREN! (see, for instance, Non-Hispanic Blacks are where poverty in Memphis is concentrated. The most significant detriment to that population in getting/holding employment? A lack of transportation. (See this book with my chapter on Mississippi's impoverished and employment issues: Decaying small towns are hardly a problem limited to the South. The Rust Belt, including Ohio and Michigan, suffers from this problem and this is widely reported in the media (e.g., But you do have to take the time to read about it.

    I'll close with this. My point to you from the beginning was to caution you from making wild generalizations beyond what you say you personally observe in your niche industry. My citing Oregon's ill-fated original Constitution was merely to illustrate how selected observations simply do not generalize very well. NONE of what you've cited really speak to any manufacturing defect rates on the part of MFJ. This is not to say they do not have them. I've pointed out what my own single and very minor experience was over a 29 year period of being an MFJ customer. Others have cited their own personal experiences. But the "everybody knows..." piling on just doesn't count for much. The weight of those customers with very positive experiences shows that. Could MFJ improve? Can't Yaesu, LDG, Icom, and others? They all can! But until manufacturers publish actual defects from QC and product returns so we can compare them without heresay, we will not know how much any need to. But MFJ gives you a year without any reasons for a return. None of the rest do that, unless I've missed that warranty.

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