Server PSU mods ?

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by M6NZC, May 13, 2018.

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  1. M6NZC

    M6NZC New Member QRZ Page

    Is there any info available on how to modify a server PSU of 12v, up to the 13.8v required.
    The price of a Dell Poweredge 2900 930W psu is cheap at around £17 (used) but there is not much information available on how to up the voltage.
    I dont think that there is any kind of trim pot within this model, & the modification has to be done to the +12V Sense and +12V Return Sense pins.
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. K8AI

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  3. K8AI

    K8AI Subscriber QRZ Page

    It may not be too difficult, especially if you can identify which line goes to the controller for voltage feedback on the main +12V line. I've found it's easier to identify if there's a daughter board containing the PWM controller.

    I'm working on a Dell Poweredge 550W supply right now. I put a couple diodes in series on that line and it's giving me +13.6V out.
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  4. M6NZC

    M6NZC New Member QRZ Page

    Getting the PSU to do all the work is a genius idea, especially as the Dell PowerEdge 1850 can be picked up cheaply. If u decide to put up a little tutorial, im sure it will help a lot of members.
    I have held back purchasing a PSU currently as i wasnt sure if it was possible. I will research the Poweredge 2900 930W & see if this one is also capable of the 13.6v mod.
    Thanks Chris
  5. VK2HHS

    VK2HHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    You might consider the HP DPS 600PB. It's a 12 V 47A supply which is easy to modify and bring up the voltage.

    The R/C hobbyists have discovered this PS for their battery charging requirements, so there is plenty of documentation.

    My own modification is set at 13.6V which drops to 13.3V under a continuous 23A load.

    Very useful and cheap mod.
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