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Sending CW using HRD / DM 780

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Deluxe - HRD' started by G0LLX, Jan 31, 2021.

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  1. G0LLX

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    I want to send a simple CW message such as a CQ call using one of the DM 780 macros.

    My radio is a Yaesu FT450D .. I currently have it set up with HRD and the use of an FTDI chipset CAT cable .. all works great.

    I have a Signalink USB soundcard box and that works well, but I'm not keen on the clicking that comes with sending CW, so I looked for a different solution. Note that I only want to send a CW message, I am not interested in any digital modes.

    I then recently acquired a ZLP CW Interface box (on paper anyway, this little box should do all that I require) .. simple interface to the radio and PC .. BUT whilst I can use an Iambic key and also transmit what CW is stored within the box, I cannot connect to the ZLP box from within the DM 780 software. I constantly get an error message .. "Winkeyer not started".

    I don't know whether this is a Windows 10 thing or whether DM 780 just won't work with what is a K1EL Winkeyer emulator.

    Has anyone else experienced this and can offer any advice / tips .. would appreciate any inpput. Tks
  2. KE5MC

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    I use the SignaLink USB and HRD, but different radio and computer. I doubt that will make a difference and what I purpose is an untried suggestion. I suspect the clicking is the small relay in the SignaLink box, but would have to look at the schematic to be sure and I'll assume it is for now.

    Keying the radio is via two paths from computer to radio. One is the high level audio signal to the SignaLink box activating the VOX circuit and the 2nd is the command path over the CAT cable. It is a mistake to use both as the radio depending on manufactures hardware gets vary confused. Set the audio level below the threshold of the VOX circuit, but still high enough to have audio to drive the radio. Use the CAT command to key and un-key the radio at the start and end of the macro.

    As I write this I recall a few years back when ARRL had the year long anniversary contest I made a few CW contacts with the computer doing all the work. I don't recall any relay clicking. I'm not at my radio computer now, but seem to recall in DM780 there are a few different CW modes you can select. I believe DM780 was command keying the radio on, turning on/off a preset audio frequency and then un-keying the radio using a LSB or USB radio mode.

    Likely you are using a key in a CW mode at the radio and I'm not sure how that would work with what I did in the above paragraph. Anyway some ideas to play with, but can't help with your other setup.
    Good Luck!
  3. G0LLX

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    Many thanks for your reply.
    I also posted a thread on the HRD forum regarding the DM 780 Winkeyer not working with my little ZLP CW Winkeyer emulator and have been advised of a fix .. and it works
    Simply requires a new identity being created from within the DM 780 software. Thereafter, the Winkeyer works. So all good. 73‘s,

    Andy / G0LLX

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