Select multiple entries in DX Keeper?

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by KE4RKV, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. KE4RKV

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    I recently started using DX Keeper after years of HRD ... I changed my callsign, their inept systems kept funneling me to support, and they didn't really care. Don't get me started. But I'm very happy with DX Keeper, as it has far more features, and while it lacks some minor things like automated LoTW uploads, it's a very full-featured program and works great with JTAlert.

    If anyone knows, I've searched and clicked on everything but I can't figure out how to select more than one QSO in the logbook. I just want to send multiple entries to eQSL and LoTW but I cannot figure out how to select more than one entry at a time. This must be a simple thing. Does anyone know?


    Steve - KE4RKV
  2. KN0L

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    Make sure that on your Log QSO's tab that you have clicked Date so ALL QSO's are shown and to be exported!!
    DX Keeper will ask if you want one 'filter' Yes or No if you have selected only one QSO selected.

    Go to Export QSO's (far top - far right on DX Keeper, Export ADIF for LOTW, Start, save your file <name> and you should be off to the races.

    My eQSL's are set to send on each contact. However, Export QSO's, Export for, Start, save your file <name> and again you should be off to the races.

    This is as per my version of DX Keeper.

    Hope that helped.

    Steven KN0L
    PS Just found your post.
  3. AA6YQ

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    DXLab provides complete automation for submitting QSOs to LoTW (and eQSL), including updating logged QSOs to reflect acceptance and confirmation via LoTW (and eQSL).

    You can select all QSOs not yet submitted to LoTW with one mouse click and submit them to LoTW with a second mouse click, or you can configure DXKeeper to automatically submit each QSO to LoTW when you log it.

    Reference documentation is here:

    Step-by-step instructions are here:

    If you have't done so already, I suggest that you review Getting Started with DXLab so that you understand the resources available.


    Dave, AA6YQ
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  4. KE4RKV

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    Thanks very much for your replies. I'm really enjoying DX Keeper, and it is certainly comprehensive and detailed (like all the DXLab suite.). I have gotten LoTW and eQSL set up and that's been working fine, except I didn't know you could have it send to eQSL automatically after a QSO. I'll give the instructions a try ... my goal was to select just like the last 12 QSOs and then send them to the usual places because I had changed my callsign. But since it is as you say, from now on I just need two clicks!

    Thanks and 73,

    Steve - KE4RKV
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