Seeking specialized CW software

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Propagation, Cluster, & Other Softwar' started by N1LF, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. N1LF

    N1LF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my code is a bit rusty. In my Novice days, I loved the mode, and even after upgrading spent most of my time in the code portion of the bands. But after years of inactivity, followed by more years of phone operation, I have trouble managing CW contest contacts, or even simple exchanges.

    Improving my code skills requires something I have almost none of...TIME! I spend most of my day working on a computer, writing proposals, answering e-mails, etc...and want to use that time to help "train" my brain to recognize CW more easily.

    It occurred to me that if I could find a program that would "translate" what I was typing into CW and play it on my computer speakers, I'd quickly reacquire my ear. After a lot of Google searching, and downloading a lot of software...I still can't find anything that will do that.

    There are lots of programs that will convert a text file into CW, but none of them seem to do it in "real time"...I want this program to run in the background, and just take any text typed into the computer and output it as CW on the speakers.

    If someone is aware of software that will do that, please let me know.

    I type fast, so it will need to generate code at a pretty good clip.


    Les Rayburn, N1LF
  2. KD0CAC

    KD0CAC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am picking up materials to learn & practice , so am watching this thread for more goodies .
  3. K4PP

    K4PP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I haven't found a program to do that yet. If your willing to type it out before hand you can cut and paste into a qso file in G4FON, and then read it while it play.

    I am learning CW too. I found if when practicing I make the start of the decode process start with sound, then down on paper or see it in my head, I seem to get better at copying. In otherwords, let the sounds kick it all off. If I'm going to do something that transcribes into the sounds, I'm basically just going to send it and listen.

  4. K4PP

    K4PP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Actually, I take that back. I just noticed one the programs I have will do that. CW Player
    You can type in the text box and it plays back as you type at your speed setting.

  5. AB2T

    AB2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    For practice I do this with generated text (if you'd like to try it):

    Take a Morse text file playback program like G4FON or Just Use Morse Code. Go to the Project Gutenberg wiki. This wiki contains hundreds of public domain books. Select a classic, save it to text, and break it down into little chunk files. Load a chunk into the CW playback program. Sit back and listen to a classic novel, philosophical work, whatever. This is great practice for ragchewing as it builds comprehension of ordinary words.

    73, Jordan
  6. KT1F

    KT1F Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut but I think Ham Radio Deluxe will do that if you put it in MCW mode. The sound can come out your computer speakers.
  7. KD0CAC

    KD0CAC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I like Ham Radio Deluxe , but its gotten big enough / good , that it needs more than just an old computer to play well it seems .
  8. DL7GEM

    DL7GEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you want to practice contest contacts, take a look at MorseRunner, available for free at This is a contest/pile-up simulator complete with QRN/QRM. You can set it at any speed you like. If you can save 15min per day for a MorseRunner session you will be back up to speed very quickly. Warning: I find this piece of software highly addictive.

    If you just want something to listen to, or some more general practice (including having arbitrary text translated into morse), LCWO ( might be for you.

    73 de Marcus / DL7GEM

    Ah, sorry, I just re-read you post -- I am not aware of anything which would translate each and every keystroke in CW.
  9. DJ1YFK

    DJ1YFK Guest

    CWType by UA9OV:

    And just about every contest logger (like N1MM, CTWin) which has a "keyboard mode".

  10. KD8IGK

    KD8IGK Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you want to type the text and hear the CW try this device.

    You can type the text om your keyboard, then you can try to repeat the sounds with a key.

    I have this and it has really helped me. I got all three chips, but mostly use the B1 chip.

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