Securing radios in RV while moving

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by N0NSR, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. N0NSR

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    Does anyone have suggestions/recommendations on how to secure (and cushion) radios in an RV moving down the road? As my wife and I begin to look towards retirement and an RV for traveling, I want to take some of my equipment with me and would like to leave the station set up as much as possible.

    Do you sit yours on rubber matting? Strap it down? It's not that I'm going to have more than two or three radios but I find myself thinking about the pounding they'll take going down the highway if they're left sitting on a table or shelf.
  2. AC0GV

    AC0GV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've use both the carpeted closet floor and the bed with load straps. I like the carpeted closet floor best. It is a small area where they can't move around. I lost an AM'FM radio one time when it flew off the bed (not strapped) at a bad bump. That was a 23' TT, I never had problems with the 5th wheel. I'm downsizing to a 16' Scamp this year and expect problems again.
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  3. N6QIC

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    I have everything mounted in my liveaboard van with mounting brackets and screws. No cushioning or padding on any of the electronics. I have never had a problem with anything being damaged from driving or road shock.
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  4. KE0CAA

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    Some background on your planned operating style would be helpful. Are these radios going to be moved in and out of the rv frequently? If they are going to have a semi permanent place in the rv then get the mobile mounting brackets and bolt them down into place. If you want to be able to take the radio out and setup a station at a picnic table or move it back into the house often then my recommendation would be to build a gokit style setup. A 4u or larger flight case with a shelf and the mobile mounting brackets would effectively secure the radios inside of a hard case and would easily provide ample protection of the radios.
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  5. VA3TKO

    VA3TKO Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a snowbird from Ontario, Canada spending winters in Florida I have found that a "Go Box" is exactly what I needed as I travelled in the RV. I purchased a 6U Gator box and find it is a perfect way to take your whole station with you as you travel. The equipment stays safe & secure and you can be on the air in minutes. Check out some of the setups on YouTube. Hope that helps....Bob VA3TKO

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  6. K7WFM

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    I use a remoted FT-857 in our RV. The radio is bolted to the floor under a dinette seat using the mobile bracket. The cables are snaked behind some molding to a place where I can hook the head unit up quickly. The head unit in this photo sits on some of that rubber drawer liner matting. I have since fabricated a small solid mounting system that replaced the rubber matting. I store the head unit and accessories in a foam lined Pelican type case when on the move. A larger radio should transport fine in a foam lined case until deployed.

  7. VE3FST

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    I have a Class C motor home . I drove it from here in Ontario Canada to Key West in Feb. 2017 . I went out and bought a Kenwood TS-50 and mounted it on my dash . Being a smaller unit made a perfect fit . I am purchasing an auto tuner on Ebay right now . Works for me and was fun on my trip .
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