Searching for past swapmeet posts does not show recent results

Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by KB3TUO, Mar 11, 2019.

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  1. KB3TUO

    KB3TUO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I apologize if this has already been asked or if I am just missing something, but it seems that when I search for things in the "ham radio gear for sale" forum, only results up to the year 2014 are returned.

    For instance, say I was viewing an item for sale on a Thursday. I want to check on that same item the following Monday, but don't want to search through multiple pages of items that have been posted over the weekend. I don't remember the exact post title, but I do remember what was being sold and who was selling it.

    So, I search for the post title or the call sign of the OP. Nothing comes up from after 2014. I then search through the ten or so pages of later posts and find the original listing manually, and see that the listing is still active.

    Is there something I'm missing or something I can do like clear my browser cache or cookies?
  2. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member Number 133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    You're not imagining things. In the background, the entire 2.4 million-post database of threads is being re-indexed following the server change from last month. It's going to take some time (maybe a week) before all those threads are re-indexed into proper order.

    So ALL searches (thread search, past post by user search, etc.) are going to be out of whack for a while yet until the process is done

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  3. KB3TUO

    KB3TUO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good to know I'm not crazy, thanks Dave!
  4. G4POP

    G4POP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thats good news it would be a shame if all of that usefull data was lost!
  5. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks for the question and explanation.

    I was going to ask the same.

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