SDRPlay panadapter click to tune TS-590S

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by N5YPJ, Jul 21, 2019.

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  1. N5YPJ

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    I am just getting started in adding a SDRPlay to my TS-590S as a panadapter I have gotten as far as getting the SDRPlay to track or follow the 590S tuning using OmniRig and HDSDR. What I would like to do if possible is to have each receiver be able to tune independently of the other and be able to click on signal traces seen on the SDR's waterfall that would QSY the 590S VFO to the desired frequency the way digital mode programs with CAT enabled do. Any ideas? I am still very much in the learning phase so the answer may be staring me in the face but I just don't see it LOL.
  2. KE5MC

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    No direct help here with the combination of equipment and application you are using, however. What I know of my setup K3, Ham Radio Deluxe, DM780 or WSJT the connectivity setup starting with HRD is bidirectional. DM780 while part of the HRD suite facilitates the bidirectional connection easily and the 3rd party WSJT too. My point is both ends of the communications must by capable and setup for that. My mix of software has it built in. Many years back I had a Flex 3000 and recall using a virtual serial cable application and a 3rd party background application to facilitate the control path for bidirectional communications.

    I'm suggesting to look closely to see if the applications you are using have bidirectional communications built in needing better setup or plug-ins to help.

    I have a SDRPlay RSP2 hardware using SDRUno control software. Is that what you are refereeing too when you say "SDRPlay"? I ask for anyone with better information to help clarify your setup. Unfortunately I'm using the P3 Elecraft hardware for the easy way of getting a panadapter ($$$). On the SDRPlay website they have a very good collection of documents and YouTube links for using their hardware and software.
    Good Luck,
    73, Mike

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