SDRPlay HD Radio, Android Pi, LiFePO4 Battery

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W5JDX, Nov 14, 2021.

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  1. W5JDX

    W5JDX Ham Member QRZ Page

    AmateurLogic 162: SDRPlay HD Radio, Android Pi, LiFePO4 Battery
    George explains AM & FM Broadcast Signals and decodes HD Radio on an SDRPlay receiver. Mike cooks up some tasty Android Pi. With many ham radio apps available, is this the Pi OS we've been waiting for? Tommy builds an economical 50 Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack.

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  2. K4FMH

    K4FMH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Congratulations, George, on your year as Homebrew Hero!

    And...great LifePo4 battery segment, Tommy!


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  3. N5KD

    N5KD XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I tried to download the HD Radio app, but it asks for a password.
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  4. W5JDX

    W5JDX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes. If you scroll down the first page there is a message with the password. It is accept all licenses.
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  5. M1WML

    M1WML Ham Member QRZ Page

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  6. F4HPX

    F4HPX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes good LiFePo4 build instructable - possibly will do it myself :)
    it would be great to have BT modules installed for already pre-made batteries sold on the market.
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  7. KC7ES

    KC7ES XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Many thanks for the HD Radio segment! I can keep tabs on my client station w/o adding more hardware. The bonus is the performance data the program scrolls.
    The only downside is having to enter the frequency and HD sub channel manually. Another great use for my RSPdx.
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  8. AA5BK

    AA5BK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Always good stuff. Thanks for your hard work.
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