SDRplay have updated Command Line Tool example for Linux

Discussion in 'RFinderPi - Open Source radio interface based on R' started by G4ABQ, May 9, 2017.

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  1. G4ABQ

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    For Linux users SDRplay have updated the play_sdr command line tool on their GitHub repository ( ) to support both the RSP1 and RSP2. This tool also supports 16bit or 8bit output so that it can be used in conjunction with other existing command line software that has been previously developed for dongles, etc. – this example code is made available to show how easy it is to use all aspects of the API. They will continue to update this example code over time and welcome questions and contributions via the contact page on their website
  2. KK5JY

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    I'll be glad when SDRPlay can work consistently on Linux at all. I have two SDRPlay devices, and both of them are glitchy when running on GQRX, no matter how much CPU power I have, and no matter what version of Linux I run. The SDRPlay driver support for Linux is just poor. Even in 2017, the $15 RTL-SDR runs circles around a $100+ SDRPlay on Linux. That's a shame.
  3. K1SZO

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    Not to hijack, but does anyone know of the WebSDR project supports the SDRPlay2 radio?

    I have one sitting on my desk doing nothing and just thought maybe I could take to the radio club and setup a WebSDR server connected to one of our several antennas at the club. Then just expose it for listening pleasure.

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