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SDR radio

Discussion in 'Suggestions and New Feature Requests' started by N5RWJ, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. N5RWJ

    N5RWJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The site needs SDR topic, for posts. If SDR is the future for we hams, we need a topic to post to.
  2. W0BTU

    W0BTU Ham Member QRZ Page

    SDR and DSP forum

    I have also thought that there ought to be an SDR and DSP forum. If one is created, the existing SDR and DSP threads here ought to be moved to it.

    There's an active SDR forum on
  3. KJ4YQK

    KJ4YQK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    There is a need for SDR

    Yes, I think there is a need for a SDR forum.. Kind of bias, have a Flex 1500 and a 5000a on the way this week.
  4. K3ROJ

    K3ROJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    SDR is the future of Ham Radio and the old Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood etc. will be obsolete. Everyone needs to experience SDR equipmment and purchasing one from Flex Radio is the best way to go instead of experimenting with the crude SDR kits out there. Our military has secretly been using SDR for years and now the ordinary citizen can experience this unique means of communicating. Just visit the Flex Radio site and purchase a Flex 5000A and go from there. You will the enjoy amateur radio as you have never done before.
  5. VE3EGA

    VE3EGA Ham Member QRZ Page

    PC's are 'DEFINATELY NOT' the future of ham-RADIO!

    Give me a Radio KNOB over a PC and MOUSE any day -

    We are 'RADIO_HAMS not 'SDR-HAMS'
  6. K3ROJ

    K3ROJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Flex Radio

    As SDR evolves, you will see a processor built into the rig itself such as the 5000C made by Flex Radio. The bandwidth filtering, noise elimination, ability to see signals, extreme frequency stability using a reference etc. all add to it's functionality. Windows 7 has been a Godsend for SDR radio gear, making everything function well and being able to run other ham applications at the same time such as logging with QRZ XML service etc and using 2 monitors makes for great operating with a trackball mouse. The recent V/U addition does need some work to make it function properly but new software is coming soon. What other transceiver can allow me to traverse the bands from 160 metres to 432 MHz with laboratory grade frequency stability and accuracy?
  7. K3ROJ

    K3ROJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, I have waited long enough. The beginning of this year i received my Flex 5000A back from Austin, Texas with the new V/U install. As usual I connected my new toy to my VHF UHF antennas as I would any new rig and thought I would be able to operate. What a shock when I discovered the internal 5000A fan would come on at full speed whenever keying the radio. Even if I wanted to operate over the fan noise, 20 watts was all I could get out of it on FM, CW and SSB. I was hoping there would be more info on using this V/U addon but apparently very few people had their 5000A fitted with this new install. I really love my 5000A on the lower bands 160 through 6 meters and use it everyday and have worked all States and 100 countries in a 6 month period on top of my 24,000 contacts since 1998. CW is the only mode I really enjoy but was hoping with the V/U install, I could at least operate some FM on 2 meters. I did contact Flex Radio where I was told to remove the top and look for loose cables etc. but everything was Ok there.
    My question is, I spent enough money to buy a new Kenwood TS2000 but figured it would be great to have one package in my shack for 160M through 70CM and why isn't there more information on this V/U addition? I have tried everything but cannot key up a repeater or to yet make a contact. When will more information or a manual be dispersed for this unit?
  8. AE5YJ

    AE5YJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would argue that SDR certainly is an exciting new direction in amateur radio that is gaining momentum. As new manufacturers and technologies are presented, it will likely snowball. Operating my FT-920 after using an SDR receiver and winrad made me feel blind and just did not seem intuitive any more. In fact this morning I am packing up my '920 and trading for a FLEX. I know that they can be a P.I.T.A. to setup, and even more so on digital modes (my fave) but there is not, at least for me, a substitute for a 192khz panadapter display. I am hooked. Future of ham radio? Possibly, who knows. For me? Yes, and as such I would love to see a dedicated SDR subforum here on the zed.

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