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SDR (HackRF) for HAM operations?

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by LY5DK, Oct 20, 2021.

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  1. LY5DK

    LY5DK QRZ Member


    I have HackRF.
    I want to have (of course), 200w, all bands all modes trx with AT and SWR meter.
    But good start (proof of concept) would be one band QRP digital that can do actual QSOs.

    Thinking about JT4/JT8 (or any other low power capable digital mode, to have some fun).

    HackRF has <30mW output. Lot of harmonics. All "regular" PA wants 5W at the input.

    What is the best way to boost and sanitize hackRF signal to QRP levels?
    Any DIY kits from internet? I am ok with solder gun, but I am digital guy, no experience in analog or RF circuits.
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  2. N6YWU

    N6YWU Ham Member QRZ Page

    10 to 30mW through a low-pass filter would probably work without an amplifier for a WSPR beacon. For a little more power, QRPLabs sells low-pass filter kits and QRP 5W and 10W amplifier kits.
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  3. VK2CLF

    VK2CLF QRZ Member

    Not so much harmonics, but assorted birdies and images, mostly not harmonically related. You need more than just a low-pass filter for the most part. Don't even think about 200W unless you first check each band with spectrum analyser and use a custom filter. The result will be so large and band-specific that you will have lost the advantage of the HackRF.
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  4. LY5DK

    LY5DK QRZ Member

    well, this is not something I love to hear :)
    Is there any decent affordable SDR radio, suitable for HAM operation?
  5. N6YWU

    N6YWU Ham Member QRZ Page

    For an HF SDR with 5W, I would usually recommend a Hermes Lite 2 QRP transceiver kit. But it appears to be (hopefully temporarily) out 0f production, due to the current worldwide shortage of semiconductor components.
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  6. N1IG

    N1IG Ham Member QRZ Page

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