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  1. W9ANW

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    Fellow HAMS:

    There are scams currently on QTH and QRZ classifieds, I encourage you to check and double check the sellers credentials and Call Sign. Ham Calls are being used to scam buyers into selling equipment for less than the going price to entice the buyer. They are creating fake emails and using call signs and their names and good reputation to fool the best of those who know how they work, So please do your homework when dealing on the classifieds, I have caught 2 this week so far. if you spot this activity say something in the SCAM Forums. Thanks W9ANW

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  2. W9ANW

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    I realize that QRZ is on the lookout for these POS scammers but I can’t stress the fact enough that we need to be viligant in our posts and replies. I’ve been getting emails from scammers this week and they are bolden in their pursuit. Some are stupid and easy to spot while others are very good. Trust but verify is the best way to protect yourself when dealing with emails and posts.
    1. Verify the email address to the one on the persons profile.
    2. If their profile has been hacked then verify there IP address (
    3. Lookup the persons phone number that is registered to that address.
    4. Get a phone number to talk to them. ( be aware they can use any number by spoof apps )
    5. If possible call a neighborhood resident.
    6. The most important, if it’s to good to be true.....
    7. Don’t send your password to anyone on any site.
    8. Be Leary of anyone you don’t know or have dealt with in the past.
    9. Check for gmail accounts that look suspicious ( etc.) examples are too numerous to list.
    10.Check the forums for the latest scammer updates and the methods their using.
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  3. KG5THG

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    11. If they want you to use paypal friends and family to save a buck, you have a scammer.
    12. If they want you to send the money to their sister, mother, brother, friend, etc..., you have a scammer.
    13. If the words western union, Walmart, etc... are suggested as payment methods, you need to think twice.
    14. If a lot of money is involved or your still not sure, ask them to do a video chat with the item. Real easy these days, especially with att, just turn the option on for a bit while doing the call. Skype, etc... At least if all else fails, you have their mug shot.
    15. Remember, this is a simple classified site with NO protections for the buyer or seller. None. Zip, zero, nada.

    I would also be wary of someone that didn't ever put anything into their profile, but that's just me.
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  4. W9ANW

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    I like the additions Gary, all good proactive precautions.

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