Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by AK6OK, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. W8JI

    W8JI Ham Member QRZ Page

    My policy is:

    1.) Never wire money any way except PayPal to a verified account. Otherwise it can just be gone.

    2.) Never send money without having the Ham's domestic landline number or work number, and matching it to his CBA

    Doesn't QRZ warn people?
  2. YO9IRF

    YO9IRF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not sure if my fellow countrymen really do this but what I can tell you is with today's technology scammers like this can really be anywhere in the world. Romanians fall for these scams too sometimes, alot of us (not me, luckily) lost money trying to purchase second-hand cars from a certain german website (in Germany the cars were much cheaper until a few years ago). What happened to me was that I posted a WTB ad on a local ham website and some guy tried to sell me the exact item I needed for a very good price, free shipping, new in box etc, in other words too good to be true, a ton of red flags. He claimed to be in Sweden and gave me his swedish bank account, of course he never saw the money.
  3. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Subscriber QRZ Page

    I feel the same way about Money Orders and Postal Money Orders. Some scammer could just collect the money and thats the last I would hear from him. There was a Signalink USB listed for a great price on here just yesterday, but the seller wanted Postal MO ONLY! Sorry, I can't take the chance, even for $50 or so! I THOROUGHLY Trust PayPal as that works every time, and the seller gets the money instantly, and I get the protection if he is a RB and never ships it.

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER do Western Union!!! Western Union is there ONLY for SCUM to rip people off. Even if it is someone you KNOW, never do it, as Scammers steal people's emails and tell them they are stranded in a foreign city! I had a lady I know very well suddenly tell me she is in England and she was robbed and needs $2500 to get back home. Just send it by Western Union! Of course, she is right here and is NOT in England. BASTARDS!!!

    The Internet is here to RIP YOU OFF!!!! That is why I won't let my wife have an email account. She will fall for one of these scams!
  4. WK9U

    WK9U Ham Member QRZ Page

    My Policies are:

    1.) Nobody needs to provide anyone a phone number- if the seller doesn't want to - that doesn't imply anything. If the buyer or seller chooses not to make a transaction - Fine.
    2.) Money orders are fine. I've sold thousands of Items online and have taken hundreds of money orders. Sending the money order in an envelope with tracking information and signature confirmation with a type of written agreement beforehand as protection enough.
  5. AB8RO

    AB8RO Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is true. I maintain a number like this to give to businesses that want a phone number but with whom I have no relationship. They're cheap, you can get them with a few mouse clicks and you can keep them for a short period of time. I've had mine for years, but, I've had a few different numbers for short period for different events. There are a number of different ways that you can easily get such a number.

    BTW: Area code is no longer a useful metric for anything. My number is still an area code from eight land, just like my call sign even though I've been in six land for almost a decade.
  6. N2EHG

    N2EHG Ham Member QRZ Page

    sorry to hear about your loss, however some wire transfers are in fact reverse-able. I sent someone money via 'wire' aka EFT , and when I discovered a similar problem as you had, I told the bank and they pulled it back. Did this with a money order too.
    Naturally too late now, but mentioning this because many just 'assume' rules about transfers always check w/your bank first. You might still be able to alert the receiving bank that this person is a crook and they may investigate and that might help others Doesn't always work but sometimes it does

    best of luck
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