SatPC32 and 9700

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by NG1I, Mar 18, 2020.

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  1. N5SMO

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    For CAT Control and Audio to the radio's built in sound card that is true. But if you want to utilize an external waterfall display, then you need the separate CI-V cable for CAT control and the USB to USB is then used for audio and IF feed to the waterfall on the PC.
  2. W1RNY

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  3. WO2T

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    Would you be kind enough to send the file to another newbie? Thanks Al/WO2T
  4. VE3CGA

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    check your email Al

    Bob VE3CGA
  5. KD9VV

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    I'm not sure why you are programming satellite memories if you are using SatPC32?

    As soon as you launch SATPC32, you are presented with a list of satellites which you can edit to only work those that interest you.
    By simply clicking in the appropriate letter representing the satellite, the 9700 switches into the proper up/dn link and doppler.
    ***Doppler has to be adjusted for each satellite in the "CAT" menu.
  6. KB7KUH

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    Hi Bob. Just ordered my 9700 and would really like to have a copy of your setup. As for the driver, would that be the same USB driver for the IC-7300?

  7. VE3CGA

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    ok...files are zipped and on the way Don.
    sorry been on 2.4Ghz testing a new "terrestrial" bird :D:D

    gotta get back on the space birds
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  8. VE3CGA

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    going to try something here.
    I've attached my sat32pc setup as a zip
    theres some screen shots of my setup for the IC9100 and doppler, tones, etc

    keep in mind that this is for a 9100 but usb setup should be closely similar for a 9700
    the doppler files are as of when the file was taken so if you use these update your tle's
    also your icom usb tx/rx addresses could be different than mine
    sat32pc version here is 12.8D, theres a newer version 12.9
    I'll likely upgrade to it, setup should be similar
    worth checking out:'s New.htm

    lets see if the zip comes thru

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