Rumor has it Dell to sell LINUX installed

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by AB8RU, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. KA5PIU

    KA5PIU Guest


    Dell not only offers Linux as an option but XP as well.
    I know of hundreds of sony VAIO customers who have returned their purchase as Vista will not work for them.
    Sony RMA is R-ST"original order #"-xxx.
    The ST or SW, ST is telesales and SW is web purchase.
    So, tracking what sony is doing is real easy.
    I would like to see Microsoft have a policy of sending out a dual-boot configuration, like what was done with windows 3.1 and windows 95.
    Just put a warning on, do not surf the web with XP.
    Or, one can always get a Mac. [​IMG]
  2. K3WRV

    K3WRV Guest

    I tried to buy an "OSless" box from D'hell and Gate$way a couple of years back (for my kid who was heading to college and could buy anything M$ for $5 a program) and nobody would sell one.. Even tried some vendors at a local show, and the best they'd do was knock $20 off the price.

    My solution was to buy a couple of "well burned in" (=used) 3 gig p-4's from a local thrift shop, and a couple of 100 gig HDs from Office Depot ($19 each) and make them dual boot with FC. (A pain on the D'hell because of a bizzare bios).

    Were I to do it today, I'd just use Ubuntu, which rumor has it will nicely and non-destructively repartition an NTFS drive and dual boot with no issues except the usual Ubuntu issues (no user accounts, use sudo instead).

    As PIU said, ExPee shouldn't go anywhere close to the internet (although I let mine go to the NOAA/NWS website and one or two others AT MY PERIL!) [​IMG]
  3. VE3SRE

    VE3SRE Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's not entirely true. It is possible in the "Ubuntu" family of distros to create non-privileged user accounts. It's just a somewhat different process than most other distros.
  4. AA4RM

    AA4RM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Too bad they still won't sell "retail" without Norton and Works on them... and I do know how to uninstall the crapware :)
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