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RTTY - FLDigi, flrig, RumlogNG IC-7300

Discussion in 'OS: Mac OS' started by KC9WIB, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. KC9WIB

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    I was using an iMac with FLDigi, flrig, IC-7300 for the CQ WW RTTY contest this weekend

    I also supplemented by manually logging into RumLogNG

    I'm very new to RTTY, essentially all my experience was over this weekend

    my process was

    1) S&P, I did not CQ at all
    2) I basically used 2 Macros, one to transmit my callsign in response to a CQ, the second to transmit the RST and my zone and state.
    from memory the macros were

    <TX> <CALL> <RST> 04 IL <MYCALL> <RX>

    3) when I got the TU from the contact, I would click on the log-qso macro in fldigi ( setting the log to contest CQ WW RTTY)

    ( I would also manually enter the QSO into RumlogNG's contest log

    I didn't figure out how to automatically populate the CQ side's state and zone in the fldigi log initially, later in the weekend I figured out how to manually enter it in the fldigi log window.

    I also didn't want to CQ because I didn't think manually entering the zone/State was going to be fast enough to keep up with some of the traffic

    does anyone have advice or examples of Macros they used for this purpose - i.e. to automatically grab the other side's zone ( state) and populate the log ( both on the S&P side and the CQ side)

    Is this needed or is there another way thru qrz lookup for example for the logging program to automatically populate the zone/state when exporting a cabrillo style log for the contest ?

    final question - is there a way to drive the IC7300 in FSK mode from the Mac as opposed to AFSK ? is there any practical difference ? I think the tuning to a mark frequency is cleaner with FSK. if I am on the Mac in fldigi and my radio says 14080, using the track curser thing set in the middle of my filter range and then click on a TX Macro - my signal is really output on a frequency more like 14081.4 ( with a 3000khz filter, 14080 + 1.4/1.5 ) - I might not be explaining this clearly
  2. K7GQ

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    I think you made a valiant effort in contesting with fldigi, a program not well-suited to contesting. Unfortunately, there are few RTTY alternatives though I continue to use cocoaModem (W7AY) for RTTY contests as long as OS X 32-bit support continues. cocoaModem outputs a file in Cabrillo which can be directly sent to the contest organizers.

    I think you duplicated your logging effort in that fldigi outputs a log file in ADIF format, which virtually any logging program can import.

    FSK versus AFSK modes - virtually identical IF the audio levels are set correctly implying that for most transmitters, there is no discernible ALC activity.

    I am not familiar with the IC-7300 but I do not see any way to run the radio in true FSK mode. Radios that support FSK will normally have a RTTY jack on the back. With my several radios I use the Packet LSB (Yaesu) or AFSK A (Elecraft) mode which "understands" where the filter(s) should be centered and reports the correct "Mark" frequency.

    Enjoy contesting!

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